Pacific Union “All God’s People,” Episode 038 – February 23, 2018


Nearly 800 women (and a few men) attended the second annual “Go Red por tu Corazon” at the Hall of Liberty at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills on Feb. 10. The event brought awareness to the Latina community about heart health, and was hosted by the Hispanic Region Women’s Ministries department of the Southern California Conference. From the music and dynamic speakers to the free blood pressure checks provided by students from CES Nursing School Program in Burbank, attendees were blessed with life-saving information and inspiration.

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If there is one aspect of ministry that gets Jerry Waggoner excited, it’s serving his community in tangible ways. Waggoner, the Adventist Community Services Director for the Nevada-Utah Conference, recently shared a story with All God’s People about the work his team is doing at the Reno Center of Influence. The Center, which operates a thrift store, also provides food to those in need. Earlier this month, Waggoner had a chance to give a jacket to a man whose only protection from the cold was a long sleeve plaid shirt. Waggoner’s story reminds us of Christ’s words, “Truly, I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40. Their center provides a host of social services including a food bank and food stamp services, and soon they plan to open an after-school program for foster care children. Does your church have an ACS outreach program? How are you living God’s love in your community?

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Just over 30 years ago, Dr. Calvin Rock visited Nairobi with a mission to share the gospel. The longtime vice president of the General Conference and president of Oakwood University and his team started an evangelism series that resulted in about 1,200 baptisms. The evangelism series also started a church plant called the Newlife SDA Church of Nairobi, with a membership of 350. Since its start, the members of the Newlife church have spread their love of Jesus and the gospel with others, resulting in satellite churches and a growth in membership totaling over 10,000 members. This evangelism story from Nairobi illustrates the power of the gospel.

See photos of the Newlife SDA Church 30th Anniversary Celebrations at:

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Pacific Union “All God’s People,” Episode 037-February 16, 2018

Today more than 70% of adults are using social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer ministries and churches a valuable way to connect with their community, but using social media effectively requires an understanding the “culture” of each platform, as well as using suggested strategies to reach more people. Does your church or ministry have a Facebook page? If so, below we’ve listed some excellent social media resources for helping you connect with your congregation and community.
Find great social media resources, including a free course in social media, a blog, and downloadable materials at:
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Each one of us is called to be active in the community of believers and the community around us. To help connect members with each other, and to their church, AdventSource published “EQUIP.” This guide for churches provides a system for matching members to ministry opportunities that match their spiritual gifts. Are you curious about discovering your spiritual gifts, or how to use them?
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If you are an artist, a musician, or a writer, there is a free event coming soon for you. inSpire is an annual gathering of Adventist and like-minded creatives who use art and music as vehicles of expression to celebrate God’s love and work in their lives. This year’s theme is “Bringing Good to Life.” This two-day event is a chance to celebrate God-given gifts (music, painting, photography, videography and more), and to explore ways you can use them to share messages of hope with your community. Mark your calendars for March 9-10! inSpire will be held at the LIFE! Church in Berkeley.
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Our nation celebrates Presidents’ Day on Monday. For believers, it is not just a three-day weekend, it is also an opportunity to pray for our country and our leaders.
“The Lord is in active communication with every part of His vast dominions. He is represented as bending toward the earth and its inhabitants. He is listening to every word that is uttered. He hears every groan; He listens to every prayer; He observes the movements of everyone.” (Signs of the Times, November 17, 1898)
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Pacific Union “All God’s People,” Video Tribute to Del Delker

Del Delker, longtime soloist for Voice of Prophecy, passed away on January 31 in Porterville, Calif., at the age of 93.
Del, as generations of listeners and fellow believers knew her, spent much of her life and ministry here in the Pacific Union and ministered to listeners around the globe with her rich and deep vocal talent.
Though known for her musical career, Del is also treasured for the friendship she offered those who knew her. “Del truly loved people,” said Ken Wade, writer and former executive producer of Voice of Prophecy. “She was a much-admired and emulated woman of faith, courage, fortitude, and compassion.”
For more than five decades, Del Delker was THE Voice of Prophecy soloist. She traveled the world with Elder HMS Richards, Sr. and Elder HMS Richards, Jr.—and at thousands of events, she shared the musical billing with Brad and Olive Braley and The King’s Heralds. Adventists around the world fell in love with her contralto voice, and her quick-witted humor and dedication to ministry impressed her associates and audience alike.
Her music career began in 1947 when she joined the Voice of Prophecy as a secretary and musician. Despite feeling inadequate due of her lack of training in music, Del blossomed in her role. In 1948 she learned to sing in Spanish, opening a door to reach out to the Latin-American and Hispanic community. Del later learned to sing in Vietnamese and 12 other languages, and she sang of the love of Jesus in countries around the world, including the Philippines, Australia, and Brazil.
By 1951 she was finishing her first of over 40 albums. In 1958 Del graduated from La Sierra University​ with a Bachelor of Arts degree, after which she devoted her life to a ministry of music to others through song and her work with the Voice of Prophecy. She was a favorite artist at camp meetings and convocations, and she frequently collaborated with other musicians and groups.
“Perhaps Del, along with the HMS Richards family and the King’s Heralds, helped bring out the softer side of Adventism by talking and singing about the goodness of God,” Wade said.
Though she retired in 1990, Del Delker continued to travel with Voice of Prophecy as her health permitted.
Many employees of the Pacific Union remember Del fondly and were inspired by her work. “Del Delker touched more people around the world with her music and her testimony than any other single person I know,” said Connie Jeffery, associate communications director for the Southern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.
If you have a memory of Del you’d like to share, we invite you to comment below.

Del Delker
1924 – 2018

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Pacific Union “All God’s People,” Episode 036-February 9, 2018

Every week, churches large and small meet in 650 communities across the Pacific Southwest. Small congregations make up many of the churches in the Pacific Union. In a video produced by Church Support Services, the Big Bear Valley SDA Church explores the challenges—and benefits—of membership in a small church.

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The tributes and remembrances have continued to appear online and in the media, as the church around the world remembers Del Delker, longtime soloist for the Voice of Prophecy who passed away last week at age 93. A special tribute to Del which aired last week in All God’s People is now available online as a standalone story. Watch this video tribute on our Vimeo channel. If you have a special memory of Del, please share with us in the comments section of the video! Details about the memorial service that will be held at Loma Linda University Church on March 24 video available via the link below.

Watch the video tribute to Del at:

Find details about the March 24 memorial service for Del at:
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A special gathering of teens and young adults is taking place on March 21-24, in Ontario, CA.
This year’s West Coast Youth Conference is themed “Empower,” and is a conference designed to bring young people together around understanding and living their Christian values. Join us in holding up in prayer those who are planning to attend, and praying for the blessing of the Holy Spirit on this event.

Learn more about the 2018 West Coast Youth Conference at:

Register at:

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Pacific Union “All God’s People,” Episode 035-February 2, 2018

Adventist icon and beloved Voice of Prophecy Singer Del Delker passed away this week, at age 93. More than five decades of working as THE soloist for Voice of Prophecy allowed Del to touch people around the world with her music. She was known for both her musical talents and her sincere devotion to Jesus.
Despite beginning her music career with no training, Del learned to sing in 15 different languages, opening the door for ministry in countries around the globe. She traveled the world with Elder HMS Richards, Sr. and Elder HMS Richards, Jr.—and at thousands of events, she shared the musical billing with Brad and Olive Braley and The King’s Heralds. Her contralto voice, her quick-witted humor, and dedication to ministry left a lasting impression on her associates and audience alike.
A special report on her life and ministry will be shared next week on All God’s People. We invite all who to share their memories of Del in the comments section of these social media posts:

Voice of Prophecy Facebook post:

Read the Pacific Union news release at:

Last week, over 100 union and conference Children’s Ministries leaders met in Brea, California, for training in a new curriculum developed right here in the Pacific Union. The Children’s Ministries team in the Southeastern California Conference developed the new curriculum, called VBX, for kids this summer. Vacation Bible Experience was developed under the direction of Pastor Manuel Vitug, the Children and Family Life Ministries Director for Southeastern, and will be used throughout North America. The theme for this year is “Sea of Miracles.”

If you’d like to learn more about VBX, visit:


Employees and of Adventist Health in Roseville had the opportunity to sign the final beam of the new headquarters building last week. The Adventist Health System Board of Directors were also among those to sign the beam. The new campus is expected to open in 2019. The team at Adventist Health in Roseville make up part of the 24,600 employees, 5,000 medical staff physicians, and 3,700 volunteers working for this health care system, all working together in pursuit of one mission: living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope.

Learn more about the Roseville campus development and watch videos about the project at:

February is Black History Month, and this week we are privileged to celebrate the life of Dr. Ruth Janetta Temple, the first African-American woman to graduate from the College of Medical Evangelists, now Loma Linda University. Dr. Temple has many claims to fame. Upon joining the teaching staff of White Memorial Hospital, she became the only African-American physician in America at that time to teach medicine to white student physicians. Her vision, leadership and faithfulness to the ministry of health and healing earned her national recognition.

Learn more about her amazing life at: and

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