Seventh-day Adventist Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that His death on the cross means eternal life for all people. We believe that He will return soon to repair a broken and suffering world. Our belief in this soon return speaks directly to our calling, making it essential for us to study the Bible, pray, and grow closer to God so that we are able to demonstrate the saving love of Christ to the world. Adventists seek a deeper understanding of Bible truth, especially as it relates to the gift of salvation which is offered to everyone. Each of our doctrines is centered around Jesus’ sacrifice to heal our suffering world. Everything we do is a response to our gratitude for His work in our lives.

Seventh-day Adventist beliefs are meant to offer wholistic ways of living in accordance with God’s purpose for each of our individual lives. God’s greatest desire is for us to see His character clearly and to offer our love to Him freely. The Bible shows a picture of God that becomes clearer through exploration and experience, particularly in a collaborative faith environment with other people who are on the same journey to know the One who wants to make us whole.

We are perhaps best known for our Sabbath observance, focus on education as way to help people find their God-given potential, and emphasis on healthy living to create strong bodies and sharp minds.  In fact, we have 28 statements that summarize the way we see God as revealed through the Bible. We call these our “fundamental beliefs” and together they provide a lens through which we see the world and framework for our values, choices, and activities.

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