Wearing Jesus’ Robe

E. Preston Smith — In Revelation 7:9, John sees a great multitude, which no man could number—of all nations, tongues, and people—standing before the throne of God and the Lamb, clothed with white robes. John explains in verse 14 that these people had washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb. When did the redeemed receive their white robes? Did they wait until the second coming of Jesus? No. These white robes were given to them by faith when they were converted and gave their hearts to Jesus, and so do we receive the robe at conversion. Ellen G. White tells [...]

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God Shows Up

Becky De Oliveira — For about a year and a half, before our city asked us to suspend operations in favor of a new coordinated entry system, my two boys and I ran a once-a-week homeless shelter in the basement of our church. When I say “ran” I mean primarily that we prepared food for our guests, fed them, made friendly conversation with them, and then waved goodbye before lights out. A local charity provided staff (also homeless people) for check-ins and to limit bad behavior, such as smoking in the bathrooms and fighting. They also brought fresh blankets to spread [...]

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Tombstone Inscriptions

Mark Witas — One of the most disturbing experiences of my 33 years working for the church happened several years ago. I received a phone call from a person who, without emotion, told me that her father was about to pass away and that he was a church member of mine. I didn’t recognize the name so I asked, “Do I know him?” “No, he’s not been in church since he was in his twenties. He thinks the whole place is filled with hypocrites.” I didn’t quite know how to respond to that. So I asked, “Would he like a visit?” [...]

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The Gift of a Knife

Ray Tetz — The summer that I turned 10, my grandpa decided I needed a pocketknife. There it was—a folding knife with a brownish handle and a shiny bolster holding it together and stamped with the word “BARLOW.” The knife had two blades—one about three inches long and rather fat and large, and the other quite a bit shorter and thinner. Grandpa explained that the big blade was for cutting things like the twine on a bale of hay, or a piece of rubber out of an old tire tube, or maybe for whittling down a stick to the right [...]

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