God’s Yet

by Megan Elmendorf— For the past six weeks or so, I have been in a near-constant “go” state—between conducting mission trips to Maui, serving as sponsor on a senior class trip, and participating in another mission trip to Kauai. There have been many ups and blessings from these trips and the preparation time preceding them, but there have also been nearly as many lows, times when my soul felt so thin that I feared it would snap. (And feared even more that it would happen in the middle of a class with students who were acting like, well, high school [...]

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Beyond Our Understanding

by Connie Vandeman Jeffery and Ray Tetz— As this most generous of all the holidays comes to us this year, we find ourselves thinking about Job. Job was a man pushed to his limits. His story is meant to help us think about life in difficult and extreme circumstances. Job’s story is one of great distress. But relevant to Thanksgiving in particular is a verse in the book of Job that seems to be as full of gratitude and hope as any in the Scriptures. “How great is God—beyond our understanding!” (Job 36:26, NIV). We love the “How great [...]

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by Becky De Oliveira— Just before Christmas a few years back, as I was struggling to keep about a thousand balls in the air, my brother phoned in a panic. His company required all employees to complete eight hours of volunteer work each year. It was nearly the end of the year and he had nothing. “I need you to find some volunteer work for us,” he said. “Us?” I asked. “Funny, I didn’t realize I worked for your company.” “You have to do it with me. Obviously!” Obviously. My brother is an extrovert and a youngest child. He doesn’t [...]