Our Wrongdoings Pile Up

by Becky De Oliveira—   Isaiah 59:12-15 in The Message translation points the finger directly at each of us. It uses the word “our” repeatedly, as in, “Our wrongdoings pile up before you, God, our sins stand up and accuse us” (Verses 12-15). And just so we can’t argue that we really aren’t all that bad because we haven’t robbed any banks, killed anyone, slept with anyone else’s husband or wife, worshipped any golden images, or told any whopping lies, the prophet itemizes what he means by “wrongdoings” or “sins.” These are as follows: 1) Mocking and denying God, 2) [...]

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Mission to Black America

Mission to Black America The True Story of James Edson White and the Riverboat Morning Star Summary Ron Graybill has a Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University and a PhD in American Religious History from Johns Hopkins University. He has worked as a university professor, historical researcher, corporate communications specialist, journalist, and editor during his career. He spent 13 years as an associate secretary at the Ellen G. White Estate at General Conference Headquarters, where he assisted Arthur White in writing the six-volume biography of Ellen G. White. He wrote the introduction to the current Seventh-day Adventist [...]

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by Becky De Oliveira—   “I hope you’re including the issue of unexpectedness in at least one of your reflections,” my husband, micromanager that he is, mentioned in passing as I was getting close to the end of writing a week’s worth of reflections for an online Bible study that our church creates and distributes to several thousand people around the world. Lucky for me I still had one reflection left to write. “The point of this chapter,” my husband continued, helpfully, since it is often a struggle for me to glean the point of anything, “is that the Messiah, [...]


How Can Pain Be a Blessing?

by Darla Lauterbach-Reeves—   We learn from pain. Some of us learn more than others and some more quickly than others, but we all do learn in some form. If not, we wouldn’t be careful around hot stoves or warn our kids not to touch them. We usually have to experience enough pain to change anything about ourselves or what we do. Physical pain brought on by our actions makes us more careful. You’ll more than likely avoid that coffee table corner after stubbing your toe on it or that person after being hurt over and over. Pain we witness in [...]

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