Living God’s Love

A New Creation

By |August 13th, 2019|Living God's Love|

by Becky De Oliveira— My grandparents wanted everyone to be perfect, and they worried all the time about the obvious fact that we were not. You had to eat the right foods and think the right thoughts and prepare [...]

Sisters Day

By |August 5th, 2019|Living God's Love|

by Connie Vandeman Jeffery— The first Sunday of August every year is National Sisters Day, which celebrates the unique bond between sisters. I had no clue the holiday even existed until I received a card from Pati last Friday. [...]

If Looks Could Heal

By |July 29th, 2019|Living God's Love|

by Faith Hoyt— I feel fortunate to have traveled to several countries where I was immersed in different languages—and though some attempted conversations were a complete mystery, others needed no translation. When I was 21 years old, I travelled [...]


By |June 10th, 2019|Living God's Love|

by Becky De Oliveira—   My most finely-honed skill is waking up in the morning, and it’s probably the thing about me—other than the fact that I attended a Nirvana concert when Kurt Cobain was still alive, back [...]


By |May 20th, 2019|Living God's Love|

by Ray Tetz—   It was a big decision to get a cockatiel—one of those little grey parrots with the cheerful yellow and orange crest. We debated whether or not we had the patience to raise and train [...]


By |May 14th, 2019|Living God's Love|

by Ray Tetz—   Peter was not very good at telling jokes. In Acts 2:15, when he says, “These people are not drunk—it’s only nine o’clock in the morning,” this is an example of a joke that didn’t [...]

Joy Hard Won

By |April 22nd, 2019|Living God's Love|

by Connie Vandeman Jeffery—   How does one “rejoice in the Lord always” and then rejoice some more? This directive in Philippians 4:4 is hard for me. I sing along with everyone, “I have the joy, joy, joy, [...]