There are many exciting experiences created for Pathfinders, but perhaps nothing is quite so anticipated as the International Pathfinder Camporee, which gathers once every five years in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Young people are able to make friends with other Pathfinders from around the world, develop and test their skills alongside other clubs, and learn more about Jesus and living His love.

This year, Pathfinder clubs from the Pacific Union Conference can feature their best Oshkosh memories right here by including #PUCPath in their posts on social media.

Hey icamporee, we’re Oshkosh bound but first we’re giving our vehicles a little makeover! See you soon! #pucpath #2019chosen #aieasdachurch ...

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Oshkosh: Special Report from the “All God’s People” team—download the full episode at
Oshkosh! For Adventists, this single word has taken on a very special meaning. The 2019 International Pathfinder Camporee brought more than fifty-six thousand pathfinders and leaders to Wisconsin this last week—including more than 7,000 from the Pacific Union!

Do you have memories of Oshkosh 2019 you’d like to share with us? Post your stories to Instagram using #PUCPath. ~ ~ ~ “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” 1 Peter 2:9 NKJV

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aieasdachurch Pathfinders and Adventurers share some Aloha spirit with the American 🇺🇸and Canadian 🇨🇦 Niagara Falls in the background. The clubs are enroute to icamporee. #DYK Every five years, 50,000 young people from around the world come together to play, share, learn, and worship icamporee? Make sure and visit icamporee IG page to see all the activities and programs lined up this year. pacificunionsda pucpathfinders #pucpath #2019chosen ...

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aieasdachurch Ohana, get your phone, tablet, and smart TV to watch live steams of icamporee and the library of shows. Make sure and watch Thursday night for a special performance 😉 #pucpath #2019chosen
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aieasdachurch Pathfinders and Adventurers share some aloha spirt before ascending to the observatory of the empirestatebldg. The clubs are visiting the City of New York 🍎on an east coast road trip enroute to icamporee. #pucpath #2019chosen ...

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Aiea Pathfinders and Adventurers pose for a group photo on the North Lawn of The White House after a White House tour. The Aiea clubs are visiting historical landmarks as part of an east coast road trip to icamporee #pucpath #2019chosen pacificunionsda seventhday_adventist gcythmin ...

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aieasdachurch Pathfinders and Adventurers pose for a group 📸 in front of Independence Hall. The clubs are visiting historical landmarks on the east coast enroute to icamporee. #pucpath #2019chosen pucpathfinders pacificunionsda ...

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"Take Me Out to the Ball Game” ⚾️ Aiea Pathfinders and Adventurers took to Fenway Park to watch the kcroyals take on the redsox The clubs are enroute to icamporee. THREE more days till Oshkosh! #pucpath #2019chosen pucpathfinders pacificunionrecorder ...

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Get ready! This month's Recorder features an Oshkosh photo essay (starts on page 56). Read your copy online at:
#PacificUnionRecorder #PUCPath #2019Chosen

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Riding the train to Chicago after the #2019chosen International Pathfinder Camporee. It rained a few days and most definitely rained today. Muddy, tired, dirty, sweaty, and stinky. After a week of volunteering and thankfully a relatively *calm event, going to check into a *hotel and spend the night in Chicago. Might try to read a book. #amtrak #chicago #oshkosh2019 #oshkoshwisconsin #eaa #choseninternationalcamporee #pathfinders #pucpath #pucpathfinders #columbia #chacos #timex amtrak freehandhotels ...

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Oshkosh Pathfinders, if you visit Hanger C, make sure you visit Bianca at the Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) booth!
ACF is a ministry of students, by students and for students, supported by local Adventist churches and conferences. If you're planning to attend a public high school or college, ACF can connect you to other Adventist young people in your community. #TakeNote

Bianca is the vice president of her ACF chapter at UC Davis. "In community college, I didn't really have a network of people my age, of young adults that were in the church, so when I went to Davis and I found this group, it was really key in developing my spiritual life," she says.

#PUCPath #2019Chosen #AdventistChristianFellowship

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Shiloh Douglas, a Pathfinder from Mesa, Arizona, has been involved in Pathfindering for five years. This was her first time at an international Pathfinder camporee! During Wednesday’s parade, Shiloh helped hold her club (the Chandler Fil-am Christian Warriors) banner. Bravo, Shiloh!
#PUCPath #2019Chosen azsdayouth icamporee 📸 Photo: Faith Hoyt

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Luis Ruiz, a TLT and member of the Tucson Thunder Pathfinder club in Arizona, has been involved in Pathfindering since 2011. “The most valuable experience I’ve had so far has been interacting with other cultures and hearing people talk in different languages. It’s been really fun.” This is his first time attending an international camporee, and he’s excited to make lasting memories—and lasting friendships.
#pucpath #2019Chosen icamporee azsdayouth 📸 Photo: Faith Hoyt

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The global youth movement known as Pathfinders was nurtured and developed in the Pacific Union. The first conference-sponsored clubs were in Southeastern California, and many of the foundations of Pathfindering—the familiar triangular emblem used worldwide, Pathfinder Fairs, Camporees, the Pathfinder Song—all got their start here in the West.