Secondary Schools

High school is such an important time of life. Teens are right on the cusp of adulthood and already making life-changing decisions about health, careers, and sex. They are forming lasting values, opinions and strategies for operating in the world. Wouldn’t you love to offer your son or daughter an academic home where godliness is prized and where eternal friendships are cemented?

Teens are often stereotyped as reckless thrill-seekers—and it is certainly true that many have a high level of energy and crave excitement and fun. Many are also quiet introverts who appreciate one-on-one conversation and relaxed contemplation. Adventist secondary schools provide plenty for both types. In addition to rigorous and differentiated academics, our schools offer high-volume experiences in sports, College Bowl competitions, worship-fest and motivational talks. They also allow for quiet time: gatherings for prayer when someone loses a relative, space for the Holy Spirit to moves across a gathered assembly, awe when a teen gives their heart to Jesus and is baptized.

Teachers in Adventist high schools are fully trained; their credentials are updated and their teaching techniques are rigorously checked and freshened. Our teachers in the Pacific Union recently went through a tough boot camp on differentiated instruction: meeting the unique needs of each young man or woman who enlists in our growing family of learners. They aim to help each young person answer the most essential questions of young adulthood: Who will I be, what will I be, and how will I honor God through my life?

Adventist secondary schools offer unique extracurricular activities including travel adventures—not just to learn on-site marine biology, but to also build orphanages and teach music in developing countries. Kids in Adventist secondary schools win awards and take home athletic blue ribbons; they earn headlines at science fairs and form godly friendships. They learn that service is the most important thing a person can offer—and they grow as part of a community that nurtures the strengths of each individual.

Thunderbird Adventist Academy (9-12)

Central California
Armona Union Academy (K-12)
Bakersfield Adventist Academy (K-12)
Fresno Adventist Academy (K-12)
Monterey Bay Academy (9-12)
Mother Lode Adventist Junior Academy (K-10)
Mountain View Academy (9-12)
Sierra View Jr Academy (K-10)
Valley View Junior Academy (K-10)

Hawaiian Mission Academy

Las Vegas Junior Academy (K-10)

Northern California
El Dorado Adventist School (K-12)
Lodi Academy (9-12)
Napa Christian Campus of Ed (K-12)
PUC Preparatory School (9-12)
Paradise Adventist Academy (K-12)
Pine Hills Adventist Academy (K-12)
Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy (K-12)
Rio Lindo Adventist Academy (9-12)
Redwood Adventist Academy (K-12)
Sacramento Adventist Academy (K-12)
Ukiah Junior Academy (K-10)

Southeastern California
Escondido Adventist Academy (K-12)
Laguna Niguel Junior Academy (K-10)
La Sierra Academy (K-12)
Loma Linda Academy (K-12)
Mesa Grande Academy (K-12)
Orangewood Academy (K-12)
Redlands Adventist Academy (K-12)
San Antonio Christian School (K-10)
San Diego Academy (K-12)

Southern California
Glendale Adventist Academy (K-12)
Los Angeles Adventist Academy (K-12)
San Fernando Valley Academy (K-12)
San Gabriel Academy (K-12)
South Bay Junior Academy (K-10)