Hispanic and Portuguese Ministries

Hispanic and Portuguese Ministries in the Pacific Union Conference is made up of 200 churches aiming to reach the 15 million Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking people living in the five state region. Lay training is the key to successful growth and service in this immense mission field. It isn’t only pastors who preach and give Bible studies; ordinary men and women serve as trainers, facilitators, and think-tank specialists. Young people give Bible studies, and kids volunteer for neighborhood service projects, cleaning city parks and giving backpacks to the homeless. Once a year, thousands of youth and kids attend regional youth congresses. There are six hundred Hispanic small groups in the Pacific Union territory. Media teams prepare current and timely sermon materials, PowerPoint resource libraries, and fresh-off-the-press Bible study packets and digital seminar material to capture the interest of people in all age groups and demographics. Most Hispanic churches offer their cities an evangelistic event each calendar year.

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