Leadership Roundtable June 10, 2020

Let Justice Roll Leadership Roundtable June 10, 2020

The senior leadership of the Pacific Union Conference—including conference presidents, Union officers, North American Division officers, and education and health care leaders—convened for a Leadership Roundtable on June 10, 2020. Their purpose was to formalize a shared conversation and address some of the issues raised by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020, and to respond to the nationwide protests against police brutality and systematic racial injustice and the outpouring of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The conversation was hosted by Dr. Ricardo B. Graham, president of the Pacific Union Conference. Below is a list of the members of the Leadership Roundtable.

Ricardo Graham

President, Pacific Union Conference

Bradford Newton

Executive Secretary, Pacific Union Conference

VicLouis Areola, III

Asian-Pacific Ministries Director, Pacific Union Conference

Leon B. Brown, Sr.

President, Nevada-Utah Conference

G. Alexander Bryant

Executive Secretary, North American Division

Ramiro Cano

President, Central California Conference

Virgil Childs

African-American Ministries Director, Pacific Union Conference

Robert A. Cushman Jr.

President, Pacific Union College

Joy Fehr

President, La Sierra University

Alberto Ingleton

Hispanic Ministries Director, Pacific Union Conference

Daniel R. Jackson

President, North American Division

Ed Keyes

President, Arizona Conference

Stephen Mayer

Treasurer, Pacific Union Conference

Scott Reiner

CEO, Adventist Health

Sandra Roberts

President, Southeastern California Conference

Velino Salazar

President, Southern California Conference

Jorge Soria

Vice President, Pacific Union Conference

Berit von Pohle

Director of Education, Pacific Union Conference

Ralph Watts, III

President, Hawaii Conference

Marc Woodson

President, Northern California Conference

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Leadership Roundtable June 10, 2020

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