Pacific Union “All God’s People,” Episode 016, Sept. 1, 2017



All God’s People with Ricardo Graham and Connie Jeffery
September 1, 2017 Episode #016

Four stories this week, and a musical reflection to wrap the show up.
Hurricane Harvey
Festival of the Reformation
La Voz 75th Anniversary Tour
Impact Pacific Offering

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Program Notes

Hurricane Harvey updates:

The Southwestern Union is the regional office for the Seventh-day Adventist church in the areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey. They have prepared an excellent summary of the situation as it stands on Friday, September 1, 2017—and will no doubt update this as the situation changes:

The North American Division has determined that a special offering will be collected on Sabbath, September 9, as aid to the relief effort:

Southwestern Adventist University has a summary report, and links to other stories:

The Adventist Review also has a report:

Adventist Community Services is a very active member of “NVOAD,” National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster,” one of the primary coordinating groups for disaster response. If you go to the NVOAD website, you will see ACS listed as the first national agency and member. There are links to the ACS website and to the ACS donation page.


On Sabbath, September 16, there will be a special livestream broadcast of the “Festival of the Reformation” from the Pacific Union College Church, with the morning message from Elder Ricardo Graham, celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. More information at:

La Voz de Esperanza—“the Voice of Hope” ministry is celebrating it’s 75th Anniversary with a wonderful series of 10 convocations—three of which are right her in the Pacific Union, where the ministry first began:

God has blessed the Pacific Union with unique opportunities for service and mission.
The Impact Pacific offerings on September 30 and again on December 30 will be used to expand these initiatives and embrace new opportunities for evangelism and service unique to our region:

“Wonderful Peace/’Tis So Sweet” (Medley) performed by the “Freedom Singers, from the Family Reunion DVD entitled “150 & Beyond.”

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