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Pacific Union “All God’s People,” Episode 037-February 16, 2018



Today more than 70% of adults are using social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer ministries and churches a valuable way to connect with their community, but using social media effectively requires an understanding the “culture” of each platform, as well as using suggested strategies to reach more people. Does your church or ministry have a Facebook page? If so, below we’ve listed some excellent social media resources for helping you connect with your congregation and community.
Find great social media resources, including a free course in social media, a blog, and downloadable materials at:
Take the free courses and read a blog focused on marketing for each of the major social media platforms at:
Read about using social media for ministry at:
Get your social media tip of the week at:

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Each one of us is called to be active in the community of believers and the community around us. To help connect members with each other, and to their church, AdventSource published “EQUIP.” This guide for churches provides a system for matching members to ministry opportunities that match their spiritual gifts. Are you curious about discovering your spiritual gifts, or how to use them?
Watch videos about this resource at:
Find “EQUIP” on AdventSource:

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If you are an artist, a musician, or a writer, there is a free event coming soon for you. inSpire is an annual gathering of Adventist and like-minded creatives who use art and music as vehicles of expression to celebrate God’s love and work in their lives. This year’s theme is “Bringing Good to Life.” This two-day event is a chance to celebrate God-given gifts (music, painting, photography, videography and more), and to explore ways you can use them to share messages of hope with your community. Mark your calendars for March 9-10! inSpire will be held at the LIFE! Church in Berkeley.
Learn more about the upcoming inSpire gathering at:
Stay connected with inSpire on social media:

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Our nation celebrates Presidents’ Day on Monday. For believers, it is not just a three-day weekend, it is also an opportunity to pray for our country and our leaders.
“The Lord is in active communication with every part of His vast dominions. He is represented as bending toward the earth and its inhabitants. He is listening to every word that is uttered. He hears every groan; He listens to every prayer; He observes the movements of everyone.” (Signs of the Times, November 17, 1898)
Thanks for joining us in praying for our nation’s leaders, and for tuning in to All God’s People. We’ll see you again next week.

Jorge P. Soria
Jorge P. Soria
Jorge P. Soria is the vice president of the Pacific Union Conference.
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Pacific Union “All God’s People,” Episode 037-February 16, 2018

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