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Pacific Union “All God’s People,” January 11, 2019 Episode 301



This episode marks the beginning of our third season of All God’s People! In this episode, learn about Pacific Sunrise, flip through highlights of the January Recorder, and hear some great tips on resolution-keeping from Adventist Health Castle! Links to all these stories below.

* * * * *

Pacific Sunrise Launches

We’re bringing you something new this year, and it’s called “Pacific Sunrise.” This twice-weekly source of news and inspiration represents our church family all across the Pacific Southwest. We promise two things: it won’t take long to read, and it will always include an opportunity to learn about what’s happening in our faith community! Click here to learn more: https://adventistfaith.com/engage/

* * *

January Recorder Shares Stories of #ParadiseStrong

The January Recorder is in your homes and available online now. You’ll find a wealth of wonderful articles, news stories from all our conferences, Adventist Health, Loma Linda Univ. Health, Pacific Union College, La Sierra University, Holbrook Indian School, as well as a special 12 page Northern Calif. Conference report of courageous stories from Paradise. #ParadiseStrong – testimonies of survival and faith. Special thanks to the NCC team for providing this special report! Click the link below to read your copy online:

* * *

Adventist Health Castle Shares Resolution-keeping Tips

Tracie Ann Tjapkes, Wellness Director at Adventist Health Castle, recently offered some great tips on how to make and keep resolutions on KHON2 in Hawaii. Watch the segment via the link below!

* * *

Malachi 3:16: ” Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another.”

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Pacific Union “All God’s People,” January 11, 2019 Episode 301

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