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Pacific Union “All God’s People,” January 10, 2020 S4:E1



All God’s People S4:E1 – Happy New Year; Paradise Shed Project; Central Calif. Conference Elects Officers – for the week of Jan. 10, 2020

Volunteers Build 202 Sheds for Fire Survivors
In November, Maranatha Volunteers International and the Paradise church celebrated the completion of an ambitious community outreach project. In just three weeks of intense activity, volunteers constructed 202 storage sheds (surpassing the initial goal of 200) for survivors of the Camp Fire, a devastating wildfire that destroyed the town of Paradise in 2018.
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Volunteers Build 202 Sheds for Fire Survivors

Get involved: https://maranatha.org/projects/tgid2952/

Central California Conference Elects Officers
On Sunday, Dec. 8, the Central California Conference (CCC) Executive Committee elected Ramiro Cano as conference president for a five-year term—building on the nine years he has already led the conference as president.
This is an action that is generally taken at a Constituency Session, but it was referred to the Executive Committee after the 34th Constituency Session nominating committee of the Central California Conference, which had convened on Nov. 17, was unable to bring a name to the floor before the meeting concluded. CCC’s elected officers are listed below.

Central California Conference Officers:

Ramiro Cano, President
Ron Rasmussen, Vice President
Myra Thompson, Treasurer
Antonio Huerta, Vice President for Ministries
David Hudgens, Vice President for Personnel
Ken Bullington, Vice President for Education
Cindy Chamberlin-Eastwood, Vice President for Communication
George Johnson, Assistant to the President
Jounghan “Justin” Kim, Associate Executive Secretary

Ethnic Ministries Directors:

James Scarborough, director for African American Ministries
Ricardo Viloria, director for Hispanic Ministries
Manuao Mauia, director for Asian/Pacific Ministries

Learn More about the CCC: https://www.centralcaliforniaadventist.com/

Recorder Magazine Launches New Themes for 2020
Love. Serve. Lead.
In these three words can be found a general description of the life and work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Pacific Union and throughout the world: love for God and for one another; service rendered in the name of Jesus; and the willingness to lead and be led in the proclamation of the gospel and soon return of our Lord. The repeating themes for the monthly Recorder magazines in 2020 are Love, Serve, Lead—with Love leading the way. Look for the January Recorder in your mailbox or read it online via the link below.

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“Day by day, Dear Lord, of Thee three things I pray: To see Thee more clearly, Love Thee more dearly, Follow Thee more nearly, Day by day.” May this be our prayer in 2020.

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Pacific Union “All God’s People,” January 10, 2020 S4:E1

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