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Local Churches Live-Stream Services; Stewardship in April; A word from Elder Ricardo Graham; and more…

—Local Churches Live-Stream Services During Quarantine—
As the number of coronavirus cases grows by the hour and the death toll inevitably rises, we want you to know that you are not alone. The stories of pastors and church leaders finding ways to reach out and minister to our members and communities provide ample proof of a simple yet important fact: Your local church cares about you very much!

—A Connected Community—
Your church is so much more than a building, and “church service” is so much more than coming together for study and worship. You may be at home, but “church” can actually come to you. Live-streaming of church services is going on all over our union – from Arizona to Hawaii; the Nevada-Utah conference to the 4 conferences in California. Members and pastors are calling to check on church members. Text messages are an immediate means for connecting with encouragement or information. We all have cell phones, tablets or laptops – and we can participate in “church” in ways we scarcely thought about just 3 weeks ago. Live streaming by Zoom or on church websites brings your pastor into your living room by way of technology. And what a comfort it has been to all God’s people.

Churches Live-steaming in the Pacific Union:

—Stewardship in April—
Perhaps it is in God’s providence that the nationwide “focus” for the month of April is Stewardship. More than a year in advance, the North American Division plans the Calendar, and this April is Stewardship month. We see how the economy is suffering during this pandemic. We see people struggling.
When we are unable to gather for church, how does that affect our tithes and offerings? You know what – it doesn’t need to negatively impact our giving at all. Just as we use our computers to stay connected with our church family, we can use our computers and mobile apps for online giving. If it’s not something you’re in the habit of doing, now is the time to learn. Many churches in our Union are set up online for Adventist Giving. Click the link below to learn more about giving your tithe through the app.

Learn More:

Adventist Giving:

—Stewards of Mission, Help, and Hope—
We are all stewards of our time, health, abilities, and finances. By being Christ-filled stewards of what God has given us we can help fund the mission to give people hope and help them become whole.

The story of Adventist stewardship centers not on the story of highly-educated super-Christians sacrificially giving extraordinary amounts of money. It’s the story of everyday people who answer the call to give of themselves and touch the lives of others in the name of Jesus. And it’s our story because together we help make it happen. The support of the ministries of your local church is one more important way that we can come together during this very difficult time.
And, by the way—this is another area in which prayer is so important. Please pray that God will keep all of our local churches and schools safe and secure during this time.

—A word from Elder Ricardo Graham—
Elder Ricardo Graham, president of the Pacific Union Conference, joined us from his home to share some encouraging thoughts and ways to serve others during this time.

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“But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.” –Psalm 59:16

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