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Pacific Union “All God’s People,” October 2, 2020 S4:E39



In this week’s episode:

Learn about the history of the Hawaii Conference, including the founding of Hawaiian Mission Academy, as well as Ellen White’s visit to Honolulu and the work of missionaries such as Abram La Rue and Henry Scott.

The work in Hawaii has continued to grow. As of August 2020, the membership of the Hawaii Conference is: 6,311 with 34 congregations! Praise God for the work of literature evangelists LaRue and Scott nearly 140 years ago.

Hawaiian Mission Academy Students Back on Campus—

Hawaiian Mission Academy is back to in-classroom instruction. They had adjusted to online learning from March 13 to the close of the last school year, but over the summer months, it was decided that classes could resume, earlier than normal. Students and staff have transitioned beautifully to the new guidelines and school started on Aug. 3. Every morning, students are required to come into the school office and get their temperature checked by a thermal camera, nicknamed “TERK” by the students. When they arrive in the classroom, desks are spread out according to CDC guidelines. The staff sprays the desks with disinfectant, while students wipe down their own desks with the cloths they received that morning. Chapels are currently still being conducted virtually through Zoom, with each class remaining in their homeroom. Even though school events, such as vespers, socials, and sports are not yet approved by the city and county, students are happy that most of their school routine has been approved. Let’s continue to pray for all our educators throughout Hawaii and the Union as they find new ways to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic.
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Hawaii Church Pastor’s Technology Lessons Keep Members Connected—

How does a pastor teach older members how to use technology, like Zoom and Google Suite? Pastor Jean Clouzet of the Waimanalo and Wahiawa churches knew the challenge of reaching the Kapuna (or older members) would be high. When the churches were still meeting, he set aside Sabbath afternoons for technology lessons. “We wanted to focus on learning,” Pastor Clouzet said, “but also we wanted to stay organized.” So along with the video platforms, he taught Google suite so the members could have a hub to work together on church functions. Because of his determination and passion for connection, he has been able to get his church leadership all online and over a dozen ministries and church functions are meeting regularly. Members can access all of these meetings through a vast network of texting trees, shared church Google calendar appointment links via webpages, Facebook pages, and email newsletters. As an unexpected bonus of this online pivot, the churches have reached new visitors.
Waimanalo Church:
Wahiawa Church: https://wahiawahi.adventistchurch.org/

“Talk-o Tuesdays” Bring Hawaii Youth and Young Adults Together—

The Oahu Youth and Young Adults were able to gather online without skipping a beat. Although it was different, the technology and practice of using Zoom and other online platforms wasn’t new. Together, they coped with the swift changes and isolation — through prayer, Bible study, and bonding online. They decided to gather online every Tuesday to check in with each other, calling it “Talk-o Tuesdays.” When the restrictions were lifted, they were so grateful to gather, both virtually and face-to-face, staying within state guidelines. They began to gather outdoors in safer spaces and were able to sing, pray, and barbecue while visiting different beaches and parks around the island. When the beaches closed again, they were able to gather in church parking lots and participate in tailgate worship. As of now, they are holding tailgate worship in the parking lot of the Honolulu Central church. Although they are members of different churches, they are still one church body, one Ohana, in Hawaii. The young people report it is exciting to be a part of a thriving ministry that is Holy Spirit-driven. Blessings to all the young people of Hawaii!
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“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”
– Acts 1:8

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Pacific Union “All God’s People,” October 2, 2020 S4:E39

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