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The first steps in the creation of Pacific Union College began in 1882, when Sidney Brownsberger started a school at Healdsburg with 28 students. This became Healdsburg College in 1899. Before long, expansion was needed and a new location had to be found. Ellen White was very much involved in this search, and she advised on the suitability of various options. When a resort property in Angwin was found, Ellen White was taken there to review it. Learn more about how this resort property became Pacific Union College in this week’s episode episode of All God’s People.

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PUC Sees Enrollment Growth in Fall 2020
In 2020, PUC began classes this fall quarter with an increase in enrollment, breaking the nationwide trend of enrollment decreases. The college saw a 4% increase in overall headcount, while higher education institutions across the country saw an average 3.8% decrease. The census date headcount for fall 2020 stands at 966, compared to 929 last year, and this is the first enrollment increase that PUC has seen in six years. This is especially notable because of the global COVID-19 pandemic that is putting a strain on schools. Although the causes of the increase are due to many factors, some of the more notable contributions to PUC’s increase can be tied to an increase in transfer students, nursing students, students from the local area, and former students who had taken a break but have now re-enrolled.
Read More: https://www.puc.edu/news/archives/2020/puc-sees-enrollment-growth-in-fall-2020

Pacific Union College Offers Free Introductory Online Classes—
As part of PUC’s enrollment increase this fall, the college welcomed 24 high school students who joined the college through an offer for a free online class. This online program was a success in the spring, when most high school students were taking their classes via remote learning from home. The free classes were fully accredited, so the students earned college credit, and the available courses covered a wide range of introductory classes that provided a great opportunity for the students to get started on their college career. Around 65% of these first-time students enrolled full-time as regular students at PUC for fall 2020.
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PUC Church Welcomes Lead Pastor Chanda Nunes—
The Pacific Union College church welcomed new Lead Pastor Chanda Nunes this summer after more than a year-long search for the right candidate. Pastor Nunes was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and is a graduate of Burman University. She received her Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University. Her pastoral ministry began in August 2003 at the College Heights church, on the campus of Burman. From 2008-2015, Pastor Nunes was hired by the Kansas-Nebraska Conference. She was the first Black pastor to serve in the Conference, as well as the first Black woman pastor to serve in the Mid-American Union. She was commissioned in 2011. Pastor Nunes has served the Northern California Conference since 2015, most recently at the Capitol City church in Sacramento, CA. She is the first Black woman pastor to serve within the conference, where she was ordained in June 2018.
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PUC Church Welcomes Lead Pastor Chanda Nunes

Pacific Union College Students Assist with Post-Fire Food Distribution—
PUC was evacuated twice this fall due to wildfires in Napa County. The campus is safe and was not damaged by the fires, and many of the school’s students and employees used the time to give back to their hurting community. During the evacuation time, PUC students, including the women’s volleyball team, volunteered at a local COVID-19 testing site. In addition to assisting the testing site personnel, the athletes and others distributed food, toiletries, and personal health items for families in need. When the local evacuation orders were lifted and the PUC family was allowed to return home, the school partnered with Adventist Health and ADRA to provide warm meals, hygiene items, and 5-gallon jugs of water for hundreds of their Angwin neighbors, who were also returning from evacuation. The delicious food was prepared by local Napa Valley restaurants and Bon Appetit, who runs PUC’s cafeteria, and it was well received by the community, whose power had not yet been restored. What a wonderful way to meet the needs of the community! Learn more about PUC via the link below.

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“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”
– 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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Pacific Union “All God’s People,” November 6, 2020 S4:E44

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