Community Servants Visit Holbrook Indian School for MAPS Wednesday

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If you had visited the Holbrook Indian School (HIS) campus on Wednesday, April 21, you might have thought they were having an emergency. Don’t worry—it was only MAPS Wednesday.

MAPS Wednesday is a day dedicated to outdoor school activities conducted within the parameters of COVID-19 safety guidelines. Students sign up for various classes in rotating groups, in which they learn several skills.

MAPS Wednesday is always a theme-based day at HIS. This particular day was focused on community servants and preparation to serve. Local emergency medical technicians (EMTs), firefighters, and police officers visited students to give them an idea of what they do as community servants and explore potential service career opportunities.

Officer Joshua Tagler, a former HIS student and now a member of the Holbrook Police Department, presented on active shooter situations and how to be prepared. The local police department engaged students in a Q and A and demonstrated of some of their tools. One HIS student was able to get up close and personal with the officer’s handcuffs.

Holbrook EMS conducted an Intro to CPR class and a demonstration of ambulance services. The EMTs gave students a tour of an ambulance and all the bells and whistles that go with it. The local fire department gave students a tour of one of their firetrucks and presented firefighter service opportunities.

The goal of MAPS Wednesday is to get students outside once a week to engage in hands-on activities that engage both mind and body in a controlled environment. The staff has developed a proficiency scale for each student to meet so that there is accountability for learning.

Holbrook Indian School believes service is at the heart of Christian life. Service, safety, and being prepared to respond in emergencies were what this MAPS Wednesday day was all about. To learn more about Holbrook Indian School, click here.

MAPS Wednesday MAPS Wednesday

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Community Servants Visit Holbrook Indian School for MAPS Wednesday

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