Northern California Churches Collaborate on Family-Friendly Drama Film Series

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By Julie Lorenz

Don’t miss the film “Hero” – a creative and collaborative evangelism effort six months in the making.

The Sacramento Capitol City and the Stockton Mayfair churches teamed up with a group of young Adventist filmmakers from Chicago to make the 35-minute family-friendly drama.

During the pandemic, the churches’ leaders began thinking about nontraditional ways to tell people about Jesus. “We spend a lot of money on evangelism, but there is a whole world of people who will never enter our churches,” said Capitol City church Senior Pastor Damian Chandler. “They are watching Netflix and Amazon Prime, and we wondered if it would be effective to bring the gospel to people in a format that they are already watching.”

The film tells the story of a young attorney whose life rests in the hands of her estranged father. “It’s about a father’s love,” said Chandler. “We really believe that if people understand how much the Father really loves us – how much He’s willing to sacrifice for us – it’s transformative.”

Nearly 30 church members served as actors, extras, singers, music producers, and other positions. Four professional actors have roles in the film, as do Chandler and Mayfair church Senior Pastor Rudy Peters.

The film was shot at outdoor locations in and around Sacramento. The indoor scenes were filmed at the Northern California Conference headquarters in Roseville, where various rooms served as a restaurant, lawyer’s office, and hospital.

So far, the movie’s trailer has received more than 100,000 views. Beginning at 6 p.m. on Sabbath, May 8, the entire film will be available on the YouTube channel: Stockton Mayfair SDA, and on the Facebook page: Mayfair SDA Church.



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Northern California Churches Collaborate on Family-Friendly Drama Film Series

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