Camarillo Church Member Launches Health Conference – July 25th, 2019

Media Pacific Sunrise Camarillo Church Member Launches Health Conference - July 25th, 2019

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July 25, 2019



“Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy.”
-Psalm 126:2

Camarillo Church Member
Launches Health Conference

Dr. David Lowe, a member of the Camarillo SDA Church, started a small conference in 2013 with the goal of encouraging others about health. The conference’s beginnings were humble. “The first year, we couldn’t even give the tickets away,” laughed Dr. Lowe. “We had maybe 80 people attend, most of whom were other church members we had to convince to come.” Since then, the WHOLE conference has grown to approximately 425 attendees—most of whom are not church members. The WHOLE conference is a way for Dr. Lowe and his church family to share strategies for healthful living with their community.





Dr. David Lowe, a member of the Camarillo SDA Church and founder of the WHOLE conference, and Chef Educator Lisa Rice, guest speaker for the conference.

Learn more about the WHOLE Conference:

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Adventist Young People
Come Together for
FEJA Youth Congress

Approximately 1,200 young people from across the Pacific Union Conference worshipped together and built community at the Federación de Jóvenes Adventistas (FEJA) Youth Congress held at La Sierra University in late June. The event, hosted this year by the Southeastern California Conference, included a Bible Bowl focusing on Luke and Acts, several social events, and volleyball, basketball, and soccer games. Each aspect of a FEJA convention is designed to help young people grow spiritually, form Christian friendships, and enjoy physical exercise.



The Pacific Union Conference FEJA Youth Congress was held at the La Sierra University gym in Riverside, Calif., on the weekend of June 28-30. On Sabbath, around 1,200 young people gathered to hear guest speaker Andres Peralta, associate youth director at the General Conference.

Learn more about the Pacific Union
FEJA Youth Congress:

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Become An Advocate

The Church State Council is dedicated to promoting religious freedom for all peaceful people of faith. Through education, legislative advocacy, and litigation, the Council works to fight religious discrimination, bigotry, and intolerance. Find out how you can get involved via the link below.

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Western Prayer Circle

Today, join us in praying for our young people. Ask God to put Christlike mentors in the lives of each young person. Pray they are given opportunities to grow and share their God-given talents.

P.S. Did You Know?

Seventh-day Adventists are among the most racially and ethnically diverse
American religious groups. –

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Camarillo Church Member Launches Health Conference - July 25th, 2019

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