Trusting Unconditionally

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How much do I trust God? It’s a question many are asking right now. It makes us uncomfortable because we are supposed to trust Him unconditionally. Tucked away in 2 Kings 4 is the story of the widow whose sons are about to be taken away as slaves because she couldn’t pay a debt. In the moment of crisis, she turns to the prophet Elisha asking for help from God. Elisha gives her an odd assignment. Go get all the containers possible from your neighbors, lock your doors, and fill the containers from your small jar of oil. It was an impossible task, right? Wrong! She filled all the jars and had some oil left over. Following God doesn’t always make sense. Obeying God doesn’t always follow normal conventions. The widow could have argued, but she didn’t. Instead, she listened and obeyed, and God performed a miracle. What odd assignment has God given you? Will you trust that He knows best, or try and figure it out on your own?

—Eddie Heinrich, Youth Director
Northern California Conference

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Trusting Unconditionally

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