Holiday Cheer at Holbrook Indian School



Holbrook Indian School students and staff spend quality time together throughout the school year. Doing activities together is an essential contributing factor to one of their core pillars at HIS (students’ mental and emotional well-being). However, the holiday season is a special time to cherish the family atmosphere as the school slowly eases out of the academics to focus on companionship and recreation.

On November 26, the week before students left for the holiday break, the staff were able to have one last day of festivities and fun. Due to the earlier than usual holiday leave, the school decided to combine Christmas and Thanksgiving festivities into one day. There was a gingerbread house competition, music by students and staff, Native American games, a casual banquet, student awards, and a gift exchange. Thanks to Mrs. Nicholls, they even saw the band perform for the first time in over ten years.

“We are truly grateful for these moments of laughter and camaraderie,” the school shared. “It is a joy to see our students’ faces light-up.”

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