Enhancing Education Beyond the Classroom at SGAE

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At San Gabriel Academy Elementary, distance education is being extended beyond the classroom. The junior high students of Tricia Valdez are ramping up their physical education through family group activities. They are adapting this course to incorporate their families at home. With the requirement of family involvement, these student-led activities include floor exercises, rope jumping, weight lifting, hiking, and bike riding. Parents were excited to participate in this form of their child’s education, and the students felt good about positively impacting their parents and strengthening their family bonding time.

“It brought our family closer,” said one student. “We’ve been healthier, and our mental state has gotten better.”

Another agreed. “It gives us something else to talk about at dinner. We’re spending more time together now.”

This same spirit of sharing their education and resources is exemplified in a recent project conducted by Mary Segura’s third graders. These young learners created Christmas care packages for the Los Angeles area homeless. Inside each package were handwritten memory verses, socks, a toothbrush, and toothpaste. Accompanied by their parents, the students gave their packages to homeless people in their areas.

“As a result of participating in this activity,” said one parent, “my daughter has become more aware of homeless people in our area and their needs.”

Another guardian said, “My child had never personally shared with the homeless something that they prepared with their own hands. He began asking, ‘Why doesn’t she have a family to care for her? How did she get like this?’ We then talked about challenges and choices that result in having to survive without a home and how we need to be thankful for what we have and for what we can share.”

Through family bonding and noticing the world around us, life is partnering with SGAE in educating our children for eternity.

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Enhancing Education Beyond the Classroom at San Gabriel Academy

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Enhancing Education Beyond the Classroom at SGAE

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