Constituency Session Stories: A Call for Medical Missionary Training in our Churches

Medical Missionary



The following minutes were recorded during the 11th meeting of the ninth regular session of the Pacific Union Conference, held on February 19, 1920, at 12:15 PM:

The committee on Plans, through its secretary, C. W. Erwin, reported a preamble to resolution no. 19, calling for a special training in our churches along medical missionary lines. The resolution as passed, follows:

WHEREAS, the recent epidemics which have swept the world have led us to see more clearly the wonderful possibilities opening before our churches and giving to suffering humanity the blessing and help of medical missionary work as outlined in the Spirit of Prophecy,

(a) that definite plans be set in operation to train our people in hydrotherapy and simple treatment, as remedial agents in the treatment of such epidemics as may come in the times of trouble before us.

(b) that for the purpose of accomplishing this plan, there be formed in each church, so far as possible, a medical missionary class and that such classes be equipped with the necessary facilities.

These notes are archived in the Pacific Union Conference Session Minutes for 1920

Medical Missionary

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