Holbrook Indian School Alumni Break the Cycle

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Shanel Draper
Shanel Draper, an alumni of Holbrook Indian School (HIS), now works as a scholarship coordinator and staff mentor.

Seeing students rise above the challenges of their backgrounds, breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse, and going on to do great things — these are the reasons Holbrook Indian School (HIS) was founded. This year, Shanel Draper is one of several HIS alumni who are participating in something truly great. She and several other alumni are taking on the unique opportunity of directly impacting those coming after them. Draper is working this year as the scholarship coordinator for HIS and is in the process of becoming a staff mentor. “Being a mentor is meaningful coming from someone who shows that they care and will not stop giving up on them no matter what,” Draper says. “The moments that I treasure are those spent with our students, as I gradually get to know them. They all have very different personalities. To see their faces light up or filled with laughter; those are the memories I treasure.”

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Holbrook Indian School Alumni Break the Cycle

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