Saguaro Hills Students Share God’s Love

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On seemingly ordinary days, extraordinary moments take place at Saguaro Hills SDA Christian School in Tucson, Ariz. The school staff note how their students are kind to each other, protective, and supportive of each other. They take note of any one who is not feeling well or unusually quiet and give them extra attention. For example, one day a young fellow in the lower grades was in time-out after struggling with his temper. His teacher watched as another young fellow sat down with him and asked how he was doing. Then the second student started telling his friend in time-out all the stories he knew about Jesus. Soon the angry boy was not so angry and started asking questions about God. By the end of the session the now peaceful lad stated, “I want to be like Jesus.” The anger was still present, but his teacher sees how this young person is gaining self-control and how his spirit is softening. A beautiful example of how students share God’s love.

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Saguaro Hills Students Share God's Love

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