Germs, But Make Them Sparkle! Summit Christian Academy Students Learn About Good Hand Hygiene



Recently, Summit Christian Academy’s 3rd- and 4th-graders got to see firsthand why washing your hands matters! Ms. McCaw had each student in 3rd grade rub lotion and glitter into their hands. Then, from a social distance of 6 feet, they waved hello to the 4th-graders. They observed that no glitter (germs) spread. Then the 3rd-graders were asked to shake hands with the 4th-graders. To their surprise, the 4th-graders now had glitter (germs) all over their hands! All the students then washed their hands with water only, and they noticed that barely any glitter came off. Again, they washed their hands, but this time with soap and water. More glitter came off; however, where the glitter (germs) remained, they could easily see any places they’d missed while washing their hands. Students who thoroughly washed their hands removed almost all of the glitter (germs)! Washing your hands only works if you clean them thoroughly with soap and water. What a great lesson at this time, when the importance of good hand hygiene matters so much!

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