NCC Young Adults Build Relationships with God’s People, the Unhoused Residents on the Streets of Sacramento



“What can we do to serve our community better?” Little did the Northern California Conference Young Adult Committee (NCC YAC) know at the time they prayed this how God was going to answer their question. Led by the Holy Spirit, the NCC YAC connected with Bo Kim, homeless director at the Loma Linda University church and founder of Fusion San Bernardino Ministries (FSBM). In less than a week and in partnership with FSBM, NCC YAC developed a full three-day ministry over Labor Day weekend. They invited all NCC young adults to Sacramento to minister to its unhoused (homeless) residents. On Friday, 25 young adults showed up. By Sabbath, over 100 were feeding and fellowshipping with this forgotten and vulnerable population. Throughout the weekend, these compassionate young adult volunteers gave away a total of 375 food bags, 375 water bottles, 375 hygiene kits, and 375 GLOW tracts.

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