Foothills Adventist Elementary School Resumes Classes Following Loss of Main Building to Glass Fire



Students socially distancing in class

Three weeks after losing their school building, classes went in-person once again for Foothills Adventist Elementary students on Oct. 19. Their sister schools up the hill in Angwin—Pacific Union College (PUC) Elementary and PUC Preparatory School—opened their doors and provided classrooms for the Foothills teachers and students. PUC Elementary provided basic supplies for each student and teacher, which were waiting on each desk, and Middletown school created welcome posters to put in each classroom on Foothills’ first day on PUC’s campus. Additionally, three K-9 comfort dogs from Lutheran Church Charities were brought on campus on the morning of Oct. 19 to spend time with teachers and students. Each student and teacher had time alone with the dog to talk, pet, or just be still. “There was tremendous support from so many!” said NCC Associate Superintendent Lynal Ingham. “We have people that are sponsoring Bibles for the students, as grades 5 to 8 lost theirs in the burnt building. Others are providing funds for things like textbooks and PE supplies.”

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Article reprint from on November 2020

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