Creating the Perfect Fit: An Interview with a Pacific Union College Double Major

Pacific Union College Senior



Natalie Fode is a Pacific Union College senior piano and nursing double major who grew up in St. Helena, Calif. With an Associate’s Degree in music (flute performance) and one in nursing already under her belt, she plans to graduate in June 2021 with her Bachelor’s Degrees in both. Natalie plays flute in the PUC Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and when on-campus in person, she works in the department office managing recordings.

“I ultimately decided to pursue a music degree because I couldn’t imagine my life without it and I wanted to be better able to share my love of it with others, as well as to grow my composition, piano, and flute performance skills,” she recently shared in an interview.

“Music is inherently therapeutic, and so I definitely feel that my knowledge of music can help me provide my future patients with better care in the hospital,” she adds. “I’ve heard stories of nurses singing or performing for patients per their request and I can see that being something I’d be open to since I’m interested in treating the whole person in their healing process. I see it as a connecting point, regardless of where I am located or what I’m doing; music is something that I’ll carry with me everywhere.”

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