Frontline Workers Highlight: Deputy Sheriff Anthony Sanchez

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In San Bernardino County, a frontline worker is using his role as deputy sheriff to uplift his community during difficult times. Deputy Sheriff Anthony Sanchez became a police officer to provide safety to those who cannot protect themselves. Sanchez says putting on his uniform and being part of something greater than himself—a work that helps others—is one of the most rewarding parts of the job. “I wanted to become a police officer since I was little. I always looked up to them,” Sanchez says. “When I joined, I knew it was the correct decision and I knew God was going to have great plans for me.” Those plans led Sanchez to a field that call upon his integrity, responsibility, and willingness to serve. In his role as a deputy sheriff, he is challenged to lead by seeking ways to partner with others. The demands and challenges of his work prompt Sanchez to draw strength from God. “Having faith that God is going to be by my side is important,” he says. “There are many times when I feel something can go off but knowing that God is with me gives me the confidence and reassurance to do my job.” And it’s a source of strength that Sanchez shares with those around him. “I’ve prayed for many of my partners,” he shared. “Sometimes some partners have come up to me and ask me to pray for them. In a world filled with hurting people, I asked myself why I can’t be the light in their life while doing my job.”

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Frontline Workers Highlight: Deputy Sheriff Anthony Sanchez

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