Effective Soul Winning, Even in the Midst of a Pandemic

ConferencesArizonaEffective Soul Winning, Even in the Midst of a Pandemic

By Phil Draper

At a time when people in our communities are social distancing, their interest in spiritual matters and Bible prophecy is climbing, and our outreach methods must adapt. Good News TV is one way that has proven effective in reaching hearts for heaven.

Good News TV (GNTV), widely recognized as one of Arizona’s premiere soul winning ministries, has been spreading the news of Jesus’ love and scriptural truths for almost 12 years, with both English and Spanish channels. Viewers throughout the state are blessed to be able to tune into Good News TV for life-changing, Seventh-day Adventist programs, 24 hours per day.

With COVID-19 resulting in many restrictions on outreach and close contact with others, people are spending more time at home watching television. In these unprecedented times, this ministry has become an even more important and effective method to reach souls and then connect them with a local church family.

In advance of the pandemic, an ongoing HD upgrade project, entitled “Perfect Vision in 20/20,” was launched, along with a new children’s channel, called “GNTV Kids,” designed to reach young families for Jesus. The ministry has since completed the upgrade to HD for their English channels, and they are fundraising to upgrade the Spanish channel by early next year. Likewise, the kids’ channel has been launched in five of the seven communities, and they are hopeful to finish the final two before the end of 2020.

Many more viewers are being impacted since the pandemic struck, and some are calling with exciting stories to tell.

A viewer from Mesa, a former Anglican priest, believed the biblical truths presented, which he never understood before, and now considers himself an Adventist. He requested more GNTV program guides to give to people he meets, so he can encourage them to watch. Although he is homebound, he has connected with the Apache Junction church, where he’s being nurtured by a former Assemblies of God evangelist, who also joined the church through watching the channel.

A viewer in Tucson called in desperation, requesting prayer and help for freedom from his alcohol addiction. GNTV connected him with a local pastor, who is also studying with three other viewers. This viewer is now studying the Bible in preparation for baptism later this year, and he reports that he has not had a drop of alcohol for many weeks since connecting with the pastor and church family. His parents are also excited about the changes they have seen.

A viewer in Apache Junction, who calls herself a “backslidden Adventist,” is “remorseful for the many wasted years away from the Lord.” She found GNTV and is excited as never before by the faith she had turned away from. She requested a copy of Steps to Christ for herself and told us she invited eight friends, who are joining her in her mobile home to watch a live evangelistic series broadcasting on the channel.

A viewer in Tempe recently reminded GNTV that two years ago she had called for a free offer—a copy of The Desire of Ages that was delivered by a volunteer. Since then, she continued watching and found a nurturing church family. She was baptized just weeks ago, saying that the channel had been instrumental to her journey back to God.

Several tower crew members pause after bringing a station online in one community.

Good News TV broadcasts on antenna TV as well as on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and smart devices, including Android and iOS. They also have many of their productions and viewer testimonies available for on-demand viewing at their YouTube Channel. To locate them on your device, simply search for “Good News TV” and look for their logo.

Since Good News TV started broadcasting in Phoenix in 2009, they have since expanded to a total of seven communities throughout Arizona, including Prescott, Payson, Flagstaff, Yuma, Verde Valley, and Tucson, now covering about 90% of the population.

The ministry is uniquely designed with several local elements, such as phone numbers, worship services, and promotions, as well as a diverse variety of programs.

If you would like to consider starting a television ministry like Good News TV to reach your territory, they invite you to contact them to learn more at / / 480-264-1116.

Several of the GNTV viewers who have joined the Yuma Central church, with the GNTV manager on the far left and the church pastor on the far right.

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Effective Soul Winning, Even in the Midst of a Pandemic

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