Jesus is My Ultimate Sponsor: Mike Boyce’s Testimony



Mike Boyce grew up loving the outdoors, but his passion for Jesus blossomed later, after a hard life of addiction. He was born in Stuttgart, Germany, on March 6, 1961, adopted in 1963 by a Catholic military family from Omaha, Nebraska, and gained U.S. citizenship in 1964. Boyce’s family fostered his love of sports, and he won third place in state for the breaststroke.

Unfortunately, his high school friendships led him to abuse alcohol and smoke pot. This spiraled into alcoholism, which led to depression. In 1982, he started going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, but he couldn’t get sober. He was attending a Catholic church but wasn’t finding true fellowship with Christ or others. He moved to Phoenix in 1998 and started dabbling in harder drugs.

During a 2013 Easter service at his Catholic church, Boyce felt something wasn’t right with the doctrines, so he left. He read the Bible, watched Amazing Facts, and was referred to a Seventh-day Adventist church nearby. Still his depression lingered, and he stopped taking his blood pressure medication. In 2017, a stroke took the use of his left side. Boyce prayed tearfully for help. and Jesus came into his life as the Ultimate Sponsor.

Mike Boyce was baptized October 6, 2018, at the Glendale church. His observation: “People at the church were very welcoming and they listened.” He has been attending Bible studies with Pastor Myles Reiner. For the past two years he has enjoyed being a “greeter,” welcoming members and visitors to church.

Boyce asks God for direction on everything, even when to wake up. This happens very early before he goes to work in the cafeteria at Alhambra High, so he prays and studies the Bible several hours each day.

“Jesus is my first thought waking up,” he said. “I am trying to take Jesus out to the world.” Boyce is inspired and supported by his church friends, and one has adopted Boyce’s approach of asking God for direction each morning. Two of his work supervisors asked him about the Bible, knowing he was a believer, and he willingly shared Jesus. One responded that she doesn’t need a church. Mike explained that fellowship is important and so is a relationship with Jesus, rather than just a belief in Jesus.

As of October 21, 2020, Boyce has been three years sober. “Once you recognize the problem and give it to Jesus,” he said, “He can fix it.” Boyce also stopped smoking and lost 40 pounds. He continues, “I would be dead without Jesus. I have to focus on service for Christ. I will never go back to my old life.”
By Tennille Feldbush

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