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This past year has been nothing short of overwhelming for all our educational institutions. Teachers and schools have never been so stressed or challenged, and parents have had way too many things on their plates.

Many things have changed, but one thing has not: God is still at work right here in our Adventist schools. Arizonans live in the beautiful desert, where God is alive and blessing so abundantly! We see many positive things evidencing He is at work in our schools.
The Arizona Conference has not lost any schools this year due to COVID-19. Our enrollment has decreased at just a few schools; however, most schools have maintained enrollment or grown slightly.

We are able to staff all of our schools with highly trained, strongly professional Adventist teachers who love God and want to help prepare students for eternity. Our teachers are continually learning and growing to better lead in our schools, and they have adapted to the needs of virtual learning. Currently, all of our teachers are certificated, with 55% having a master’s degree.

Thankfully, we have not had any major COVID-19 outbreaks as of January 1, 2021. We have had a very limited number of cases in our schools, and our staff remains healthy and strong.

Our teachers, staff, and school boards have done an excellent job creating safe environments, adapting to the needs of families, and providing a Christ-centered education to our constituents and non-Adventist families alike.

Several School Tuition Organizations (STOs) are still providing financial means for our families who need financial assistance.

Most schools have been able to purchase and adopt the new math series, Big Ideas Math. Teachers and students alike are seeing math in a new light and enjoying the new learning.

Our adoption of the MAP assessment test this school year throughout the North American Division has made on-going, personalized assessment tangible for all students, enabling teachers to better assess needs and individualize instruction to create an excellent learning experience.

We are currently writing grants to fund STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) lab kits that will be accessible to the schools in the Arizona Conference. These kits will not only provide wonderful learning experiences but will provide means for community and collaboration amongst the ten schools in our conference.

The Encounter Bible Curriculum is available in all of our schools now, inviting students to a personal, saving relationship with Jesus throughout every lesson. We are currently working on purchasing resource kits to accompany the curriculum and allow for an even more hands-on learning experience. To help sponsor this project, please go to:

Arizona Conference President Ed Keyes is a major supporter of Adventist Education. He says, “God’s hand is upon us, continually guiding and blessing the work of Adventist Education in Arizona. It’s such a wonderful thing to work where He is working. Our teachers and staff are eager to see where He takes us in this new year!” ____________________
From the Superintendent of Education
Nicole Mattson

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Let’s Work Where God is Working

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