Hispanic Tent Focuses uPward During Central California Conference Soquel Camp Meeting

ConferencesCentral CaliforniaHispanic Tent Focuses uPward During Central California Conference Soquel Camp Meeting

By Lilliana Jimenez

Prayer is what this year’s 139th-annual Soquel Camp Meeting was all about. The 10-day event that started on Thursday, July 11, and went through Saturday evening, July 20, was a blessing for all who attended. Pastor Alejandro Bullón, an extremely well-loved evangelist within the Hispanic community, was the main speaker in the Spanish Tent. “Pastor Bullón was in the tent every day, as a teacher in the mornings and an evangelist in the evenings, reminding participants about the importance of prayer and discipleship,” said Ricardo J. Viloria, CCC Hispanic director.

“Fuerzas Epeciales” (Grupo FE) was introduced in the Spanish Tent this year, while the six-day seminar workshop focused on discipleship and witnessing to others. Pastor Bullón gave attendees the chance to have one-on-one time with him in Q & A segments at the end of every seminar. More than 150 attendees completed the workshop and participated in a graduation ceremony on the final Sabbath, during which they were presented certificates.
“This camp meeting has been very organized; the quality of the presentations was phenomenal. I venture to say it looks like within the next couple years we will need to add a couple hundred chairs,” said Pastor Gilberto Garcia. “The increase in attendance was very noticeable from one Sabbath to another. Overall, the feeling that I left with was being part of a family, God’s family.”
Additional highlights of the evening programs included mini concerts with artists Jose Ocampo, Duo Tadeo, Cindy Garcia, Zaida and David Howard, and pianist Handerson Pontel. Nightly appeals gave attendees the chance to make a personal decision in response to the preacher’s message. During the week, attendees also had the chance to write their prayer requests and praises on a prayer wall inside the tent and/or write petitions on slips of paper that would later be burned in a symbolic ceremony. Attendees left with the reminder to Look uP and keep their eyes fixed on our Savior.
“It was a great joy seeing the Spanish Tent more beautiful than ever,” said Pastor Ricardo Wainz. “Not only the tent but also the programming and production. It gives us room to dream of more beautiful things to come. I hope God continues to bless our Hispanic department.”

One of the highlights of this year’s camp meeting was the new layout inside the Spanish Tent that made room for 800 more chairs, providing a total of 2,000 chairs in the tent. On Sabbaths, there was standing room only along the side of the tent.


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Hispanic Tent Focuses uPward During Central California Conference Soquel Camp Meeting

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