Youth Tent at Soquel Camp Meeting Addresses the Battle Within

ConferencesCentral CaliforniaYouth Tent at Soquel Camp Meeting Addresses the Battle Within

By Janet Abbey

The Soquel Youth Tent camp meeting 2019 experience was counted a spiritual success this year by leaders, who reported an atmosphere that encouraged frank and candid conversations. This allowed the youth to obtain new information, gain clarity, and receive a deeper understanding of the topics presented. The theme was the “Battle Within,” and it focused on real-life issues about serious topics that youth face today, such as sexuality, pornography, depression, and anxiety. Collectively, the youth asked many questions, which helped a number of them find freedom from the yoke of the enemy—and hope, healing, and victory in Jesus.
By the end of camp meeting, three young people were baptized, while 16 others said they would like to be baptized in their home churches. Additionally, 26 youth stated that they wished to stay connected after camp meeting with small groups or Bible studies. Eight young people wished to be contacted after camp meeting for help with personal struggles. Leaders are currently working on putting together follow-up teams.
By the end of camp meeting, a group of teens were overheard saying, “Camp meeting was different this year. We are going home with nothing to feel ashamed about.”
“The Youth Tent leadership team, praises God for this victory,” a youth leader said. “We’re overjoyed that the enemy lost his power over these teens at camp meeting this year. As they look up, they are now beginning to understand their value as children of God!”

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Youth Tent at Soquel Camp Meeting Addresses the Battle Within

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