Hawaii Gets ‘Mad About Marriage’

ConferencesHawaiiHawaii Gets ‘Mad About Marriage’

The weekend of April 23-24 brought a tremendous blessing to couples around the Hawaii Conference. Mike Tucker, former speaker/director for Faith for Today, was on Oahu to conduct a Mad About Marriage seminar at the Honolulu Central church. In addition to the in-person presentation, most of the seminar was livestreamed.

Pastor Tucker addressed topics ranging from good communication to the avoidance of communication killers. The presentations were straightforward and covered a number of situations that can affect marriages. In addition to the topics that are usually discussed in marriage seminars, Tucker talked about abuse, assault, and the dynamics around them.
Attendees were deeply touched by the presentations shared by Pastor Tucker. “I wish every married couple and those considering marriage would have been here this weekend,” said one attendee. Another commented, “I wish I had known this information 35 years ago! I learned more about communication this weekend than in my entire marriage.”

Extra activities included Friday evening dinner and a wedding reception after the final session. The seminar, childcare, and all the extra activities were provided free of charge to all participants. The 37 households represented at the seminar were tremendously blessed, and efforts are already underway to bring the program back to Hawaii.
By Travis Sager

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Hawaii Gets ‘Mad About Marriage’

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