Venturing Out Once Again



“I just really liked it. My favorite part was the whitetip reef shark. He actually looked at me.” Laith, Kindergarten

“I liked it because I saw the shark. The whole thing was fascinating, and I saw a fish hotel and a shipwreck and a floating wana (sea urchin). It was fun on the boat ride.” Lani, Kindergarten

“It was fun to do! My water bottle changed to yellow!” Darius, 6th grade

“It was fun because I learned about all the different creatures in the ocean. The most surprising thing I learned was that colors change underneath the water.” Owen, 8th grade

To say this past year has been remarkable would be an understatement. It has provided a prime opportunity to lean on God as never before, and He has proved faithful. If you had told me at the start of the year that field trips might be possible for our school, I would have laughed at the ludicrous idea. I am so happy to have been proved wrong.

We were blessed to be able to take the Kohala Adventist School (KOA) students on an incredible underwater submarine adventure, in which they were able to appreciate the rich sea life of Hawaii up close. Parent drivers safely transported our KOA cohort, and the entire submarine was dedicated to use by our school.

Several students had never been on a boat before, and they went from being very wary to expressing pure delight in record time. The charismatic staff were passionate and knowledgeable about the beautiful creatures God created to live in the sea.

Of course, all the students hoped to see a shark more than anything else. I had told them not to get their hopes up, as it wasn’t likely. I learned that one child wanted to spot a shark so much that they prayed about it. The simple faith of that kindergartner was rewarded! At 100 feet below the surface, we had a premium view of a decent-sized whitetip reef shark, lurking in a shipwreck. We were all elated—even the submarine crew, who hadn’t seen a shark in several months.

Students were amazed by the bonus mini lesson we got on color absorption underwater, as we saw our clothes and belongings change colors before our eyes! We learned that the colors disappear underwater in the same order that they appear in the color spectrum, with red disappearing first.

A field trip that we would have taken for granted in the past gave us the opportunity to see the wonders of the ocean and truly appreciate the chance to do so. Praise God for the ability to safely venture off campus and revel in the beauty of Hawaii’s underwater treasures.
By Jackie Millar

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