Students Persevere to be Baptized



There’s no better way to celebrate the Sabbath than to witness our youth dedicating their lives to do God’s will. On July 31, Kiana Burgo and Colbie Nakamura gave their lives to Jesus and were baptized.

Kiana and Colbie gave up their lunch break (which is difficult for any sixth-grader) this last school year to start participating in baptismal lessons while attending HMA Windward. The pandemic made it difficult to have consistency, and throughout the school year the girls continued their study with several intern pastors. However, the girls and their parents were willing to be patient and trust in God’s plan.

Kiana and Colbie completed the lessons in May and were approached with the big question of whether they wanted to be baptized. Colbie knew she wanted Uncle Jesse Seibel to baptize her, but she hesitated because she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Fortunately, Kiana knew what she wanted and quickly asked that Uncle Jesse Seibel baptize her. Once Colbie heard Kiana’s request, she smiled and responded, “Me too!”

Early that Sabbath morning, about 50 to 60 family, friends, and church ‘ohana gathered at Kalama Beach to witness the blessed event. Kiana and Colbie shared testimonies of their love for God and their excitement about allowing Him to lead in their lives.

Neither pandemic obstacles nor crashing waves could keep Kiana or Colbie from giving their lives to the Lord!
By Colleen Nakamura

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