HMA Ka Lama Iki’s Mission to Help, Even from Miles Away

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Beach clean ups: canceled. Education Sabbaths: postponed. Elderly home visits: canceled. Amid the challenge of COVID around the Oahu community, the staff at Hawaiian Mission Academy Ka Lama Iki was struggling to provide students with a true mission outreach. Students and teachers hesitated to try to raise money during a time of financial hardship. They had already sent cards to hospitals and given thank you treats to parents at dismissal. What could be done on campus to inspire students during their first Encounter Bible units centering around transformation and furthering the kingdom of God?

The idea for an outreach project came to mind when teachers were cleaning out the staff resource closet. Ka Lama Iki had made the switch from Go Math to Big Ideas, leaving stacks of pre-ordered, unwrapped math books and teacher guides gathering dust. School administrators had sold a few boxes and sent a box or two to other schools, but ultimately they couldn’t bear to just throw the rest out. Then it clicked: Send the books to a school in need.

Teaching principal Sarah Traczyk was approached by a local group of missionaries headed for Cameroon, Africa, asking for any possible book donations. Overjoyed by the opportunity, her fifth- and sixth-grade homeroom students were tasked with packing 30+ boxes with math books, older Bible textbooks, library books, and books on tape. They sealed up the boxes with encouraging notes and Bible verses.

During the process, the cafeteria was littered with uplifting messages to children abroad. Missionaries visited the outdoor cafeteria for a safe pick up, and they are heading to a Christian school in Cameroon, Africa, in January to first repair a critical drinking water well and then assist in repairing the local school, which houses over 650 students.

Ka Lama Iki students were asking what else we could send to Cameroon, and they look forward to hearing from the missionaries when they arrive after the new year. Traczyk said, “There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the excitement and love flowing out of students tasked with making a difference!”
By Sarah Traczyk

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HMA Ka Lama Iki’s Mission to Help, Even from Miles Away

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