Press Together Juicery Connects to Local and Digital Community

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By Faith Hoyt

Since their grand opening on May 12 of this year, Press Together, a cold-pressed juicery owned by the Adventist Church and operated in Ogden, Utah, has steadily increased connections to both the local community and the digital one.
Husband and wife duo Abel and Jazmin Alvarado manage the daily operations of the juicery. Every month they choose a local organization that is working to benefit the community, and they collect donations for them. Earlier this year, tips and donations went to Deamude Adventist Christian School (the local Adventist elementary), and Lantern House (a homeless shelter and soup kitchen operated in Ogden). In coming months, donations will support organizations like Family Promise and Habitat for Humanity, two volunteer organizations working to address family homelessness, build homes, and improve lives.

Press Together team member Jazmin Alvarado holds up a bottle of freshly made Azteca raw cashew milk, just one of the many health-promoting products made at this Adventist church-owned juicery in Ogden, Utah.

“We’re excited to partner up with local nonprofit organizations, and it is building our connection with the community,” Jazmin said.
In addition to connecting with the local community through the support of charitable work, Press Together’s social media following has provided a way to connect digitally to residents in Ogden and beyond. Every week on Instagram, Abel and Jazmin Alvarado share about Press Together with over 1,400 followers. “We want to let people know how juicing can help people live a healthier lifestyle,” Jazmin says.
From videos of how they make their cold-pressed juices, to photos of their detox products, to sharing about the mission of Press Together, they are using this social media platform to give the digital community a behind-the-scenes look at a juicery that wants to make a difference.
“We’re promoting health through juices that are all-natural and organic,” Abel shared. “We’re also all about developing relationships and positively impacting this community.”
You can support the innovative ministry of Press Together through your prayers and by sharing their social media posts. Learn more and get involved at:

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Press Together Juicery Connects to Local and Digital Community

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