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TOP ROW: (left to right) Dallan Lista, fourth-grader, representing the state of Georgia and Julio Jones, wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons. Tomasi Valele, third-grade student representing Alaska and Joseph Juneau. Welshdon Lolo represents Arizona, highlighting the Grand Canyon. Dani Wyman as a cowgirl representing Wyoming. Texas was reported on by cowboy Kian Lista, who said that cowboys are famous in Texas because of the cattle they take care of. Daniel Harter shares his display about Washington State. Ngie Finau, dressed as Elvis Presley, showcases the state of Tennessee.

In April, the students in grades 2 to 4 at Riverview Christian Academy (RCA) in Reno, Nevada, participated in a Learning Fair. Preparations for this exceptional evening began many months before.

Each student also painted a watercolor picture to highlight their state report.

The students have been studying the United States. Early in the year, each student chose a different state to represent and research. The students began formulating outlines for reports that went through various stages of editing. The students then became the illustrators of their reports, which were finally “published.” Of the assignment, fourth-grader Dallan Lista said, “We wrote reports about states that we chose. We got books from Mrs. Beddoe to help us with our research.”

On the night of the Learning Fair, students wore costumes they had chosen to represent their selected state. They had written a paragraph explaining the meaning of their attire and placed it on a display board, along with numerous facts about the state chosen. According to Tomasi Valele, third-grade student, “The Learning Fair was so fun! The state I represented was Alaska. The part I liked about Alaska was the state animal, the moose.”

Following their presentation, the students took a bow or curtsy as the audience applauded. Lillia Waring, second-grade student dressed as Laura Ingalls Wilder representing the state of Wisconsin, takes her bow.

Those who attended the event enjoyed hearing the oral presentations that the students read from the stage. This was followed by an opportunity to speak with the students individually in the lobby, where the reports, display boards, and artifacts were set up on tables. Parent Krysta Wyman was impressed: “Not only were their presentations well thought out and researched, but perhaps more importantly, the students were able to present with confidence, enthusiasm, and pride, which speaks volumes of the growth, support, and nurturing ways here at RCA.” Carlos Camacho, parent and NUC Executive Secretary, said, “The students took us on a nationwide tour and showed us the beauty of almost every state of this great nation. The displays were very informative, and the kids were so proud to share their hard work. Mrs. Beddoe finds ways to incorporate the discipline of learning and researching in very fun ways, allowing the children to showcase their hard work to their peers and parents.”

Creativity was on display in the watercolor paintings accompanying the students’ reports.

In addition to the costumes, display boards, reports, and presentations, student watercolor artwork was also on display on easels for the guests to admire.

Although space was limited due to COVID-19 restrictions, the event was well attended.

Those who were unable to be there were able to watch a livestream on the Riverview Christian Academy YouTube channel. If you missed it, the event is still available for viewing. Carol Veitenheimer, grandmother of a student, exclaimed, “It was a fabulous program! We loved seeing the work and personalities of these sweet kids!”
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By Mariann Beddoe

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Riverview Learning Fair

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