New Big Tent Evangelism at West Jordan Church

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Are big tent events still relevant in 2021? Big tent campaigns were one of the tough questions the West Jordan church (WJSDA) tackled as they considered bringing Messiah’s Mansion Sanctuary Exhibit to the Salt Lake Valley.

For a while now, Adventists have questioned the effectiveness of big tent evangelism, which was instrumental to our growth in the early movement days. WJSDA knows it has been called to speak the gospel message to a hurting world. The “what” question was answered, but the “how” is often what most Adventists struggle with.

Knowing the audience in Salt Lake City is overwhelmingly receptive to religious topics, the “how” became clear to WJSDA. Messiah’s Mansion did a beautiful job displaying Jesus clearly in an exhibit that is an hour and 15 minutes long. According to their website, the mission of Messiah’s Mansion is to present the gospel in a simple way and to train men and women to be fluent in the sanctuary and the prophecies—showing them the practical significance of the sanctuary in their personal lives and preparing them to stand true to God in a world of compromise. Understanding the sanctuary service is a vital part of understanding God’s plan of salvation.

The attention span of today’s overly stimulated population was a genuine concern. But as WJSDA witnessed in faith, as they did their part, the Holy Spirit would do His. And the Holy Spirit did His part! In nine days, 4,313 people visited the exhibit. As the days went on, thanks to social media and friends, the number of visitors just kept growing. On the last day, over 1,200 visitors were blessed by the exhibit tour.

Comments from the visitors flooded in. “I’d never connected the dots in such a clear way as was presented.” “I now better understand Jesus’ role in my salvation.” “Jesus paid a high price for us.” “I want to study more about the sanctuary.” WJSDA members had the privilege of hearing even more comments and thanks, and all the effort of this campaign were worth it when they saw all the gratitude and smiling faces as visitors left.

Because of this exhibit, many new friends were made, and the wonderful truth of the sanctuary service is in the hearts and minds of thousands more. Are big tents still relevant? Absolutely! WJSDA stepped out in faith, and God blessed their efforts.
By Adriano Liessi

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New Big Tent Evangelism at West Jordan Church

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