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Northern Lights, the weekly online news source for the Northern California Conference (NCC) tells the stories of how churches, schools, and ministries are connecting people to abundant life in Jesus Christ and preparing them for His second coming.
Below are some articles that have been included in previous issues.

April 22 – NCC Principals Are Excited about the New Beginners Educational Fund
During the month of March, donors gave $77,000 to the New Beginners Educational Fund! Combined with funds from the Pacific Union Conference, the money will enable all new kindergartners in NCC schools to receive one month of free tuition next school year.
NCC principals are excited and grateful for the opportunity to offer this benefit to families who are considering Adventist Education for their preschool children. “I can’t thank the union and the conference enough for putting money into something that is so important—the ministry of education,” said Lisa Bissell Paulson, principal of Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy. “Adventist Education is evangelism.”

“I think it’s a tremendous blessing, especially for those families who are considering an Adventist school for the first time and who are not used to the added expense of tuition,” said Joe Fralick, Pine Hills Adventist Academy principal. “We anticipate that we will have a full kindergarten class because of these funds.”

“Because of this financial resource, an exponential number of kindergarten children will have the opportunity to fall in love with Jesus and get to know Him better and love Him more each day,” said Robert Robinson, Bayside SDA Christian School teaching principal. “This financial gift will help fund the longest evangelistic crusade in history—180 school days of sharing the good news about God’s love for us and how we live out our lives based upon His great love.”

April 15 – NCC Disaster Response Team Members Are Eager to Serve
In response to the Northern California fires of recent years, the NCC administrative team established the Disaster Response Team (DRT) last fall, and they are working together to make plans for the future. Team members include

Selena Diaz

• Selena Diaz, Angwin Fire Department lieutenant (pictured) – She has a master’s degree in emergency management. Since 2013, she has been a first responder in every fire that has impacted Napa County. She is a wildfire survivor, and she helped in the development of the Angwin Community Disaster Response Plan.
• Jeff Joiner, associate professor of nursing and director of the emergency services program at Pacific Union College – As a nurse, he specializes in critical care and trauma, as well as wilderness emergency management. Since 2001, he has been active in emergency management and disaster response at the local, state, national, and international levels.
• Maureen Wisener, marketing account manager, Adventist Health, Northern California Region – As a communication and marketing expert, as well as a wildfire survivor, she brings an enormous amount of experience and resources to help create a well-executed response to disaster.
• Rhonda Bandy, member of the NCC’s Inter-church Recovery Committee (IRC) – She formerly served as the interim NCC disaster response coordinator for the Camp Fire, and she has been coordinating with Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) for many years. Her knowledge and experience with county, state, and federal entities will be invaluable.

Others on the team include NCC employees Josie Asencio, pastor of The Haven church; James Lim, director of community services; Jeffery Maxwell, director of risk management; and Laurie Trujillo, director of communication and development.

Capitol City Church Hosts Baby Shower for 100 Families (Photo: Carol Herbert)

March 18 – Capitol City Church Hosts Baby Shower for 100 Families
Last month, the Sacramento Capitol City church partnered with the Meadowview Birth & Beyond Family Resource Center to host a drive-through baby shower for 100 community families. Some church members purchased baby clothes, shoes, books, and learning toys, while others donated money to buy presents. The center’s staff brought diapers, baby wipes, and other gifts.

The congregation was excited to support new mothers in the community. “The church is supposed to be the light in the city,” said Carol Herbert, the church’s mission council leader. “We should find all the ways we can to reach people.”

Jan. 21 – Ukiah Church Partners with Adventist Health
On Monday, 515 community members received COVID vaccinations at the Ukiah church in a joint effort between Adventist Health Ukiah Valley and Mendocino Community Health Clinic. Providing the vaccines at the church prevented crowding and traffic at the medical center. Ten church members helped with the event, including five hospital employees and five volunteers.

Ukiah Church Partners with Adventist Health (Photo: Eric Williams)

“There was a sense of relief, happiness, and thankfulness among the people who were receiving the vaccines,” said Senior Pastor Eric Williams. “Some of the 75-year-olds were jumping up and down. It is such a joy that we could serve the community this way. We’re all in this together.”

The previous Monday, 163 people were vaccinated at the church as part of a community-wide effort to distribute more than 800 vaccines after a freezer malfunction at the medical center.
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