Full Circle: Andrea King Appointed as New Communications Director of SECC

ConferencesSoutheastern CaliforniaFull Circle: Andrea King Appointed as New Communications Director of SECC

When I got word that the Southeastern California Conference (SECC) Executive Committee had voted me as the new communications director, I felt like God had brought me full circle.

Since I was a child, I wanted to become a news reporter. When I landed a coveted internship at Black Entertainment Television (BET), I took that as a sign I was headed in the right direction. However, things began to unravel when my supervisor and I got into a disagreement about the Sabbath.

The King family (left to right) Lauryn, Kurt, Andrea and Jonathan.

To their credit, BET was flexible with my 40-hour work week. I could choose the days and times I wanted to work. There was only one caveat. My supervisor insisted, “Saturdays are non-negotiable.” With Saturday being the only day I was required to work, I initially turned down the internship because it was a non-negotiable day for me also. Sabbath was the only day I wouldn’t work. It seemed my internship had ended before it began.

While I tried to figure out what to do next, God brought the show’s leadership team full circle. They decided to allow me to stay in the internship and to have Saturdays off. I knew God had opened a door for me that no one could shut.

Although I loved the communications field, it seemed difficult to progress without working on Saturdays. While I was working in the office of communication for Kalamazoo Public School District, God told me that I was going to be a pastor. This news made me cry. I was overwhelmed because I had heard God speak to me. I also cried because it felt like God was dashing my dream to work in media and communications.

It took some time for me to agree to pastor. I first opted to study communications instead of theology in college, but eventually I decided to study them both. I have pastored in SECC for over 20 years and am the wife of a pastor. My husband, Kurt, pastored in SECC for 18 years and is now a chaplain in the United States Navy. Together, we have two children, Lauryn and Jonathan.

I had the blessing of pastoring in San Diego, Rialto, and Moreno Valley, Calif. Before assuming this position, I was privileged to pastor the 16th Street church in San Bernardino. I truly loved pastoring.

Michael Henry, a member of the leadership team at the 16th Street church, said, “As both a parishioner and a colleague, her presence will be missed in our local church, but we are excited for the expansion of the ministry that God has entrusted to her.”

I remember being heartbroken that God was taking my dream away, but pastoring became the dream I never knew I wanted. Now it feels like God has brought me full circle. I have given up my obsession with the news. Often, it focuses on bad news, making it hard to watch. Once again, God’s answer was greater than my prayer. He has opened the door for me to step back into the communications field, but this time I have the opportunity to share good news.
By Andrea King

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Full Circle: Andrea King Appointed as New Communications Director of SECC

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