Members Connect Through “Stories From My Kitchen” Cooking Series

ConferencesSouthern CaliforniaMembers Connect Through “Stories From My Kitchen” Cooking Series

By Araya Moss

In this age of social distancing, fear, and isolation, it is especially important to be able to hear one another’s stories and to see God at work,” said Simon Liversidge, pastor at The Place Adventist Fellowship church. “We were searching for an interesting way to tell stories, and I came up with the idea of telling stories connected to food. Where better to tell stories than your kitchen?”
After the death of George Floyd and the ongoing protests against racial injustice that followed, Liversidge believed it necessary to encourage conversation from different perspectives—and the “Stories From My Kitchen” cooking series was born.
Enzo Nguyen, a new member at The Place with a background in photography, experience with film and production, an interest in food, and a passion for God, hosts the series each week.

Kristi Lee tops her Korean japchea, a glass noodle stir-fry, with garnish.

During each hour-long episode, guests prepare a dish from their culture. Since June, viewers have learned how to make Mexican tamales, Korean japchea, Filipino lumpia, South Indian dahl and rice, Australian pavlova, and many other dishes.
The production is truly a one-person show: Nguyen plays producer, host, and crew. He is not discouraged, though. “As soon as the camera starts rolling and people begin to share, I immediately remember why I’m here,” Nguyen said. “When I hear the stories, it’s a reminder to me of how God is constantly at work.”
Originally, the series was set to conclude by the end of summer; however, people are still interested and willing to share. They plan to continue through the end of the year.
“The food has been amazing,” Liversidge added, “but the stories have been such a blessing.” To learn more, watch the Stories from My Kitchen Video. 

Fred Jean-Marie places the Martinique empanadas in the oven to bake for about 20 minutes.

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Members Connect Through “Stories From My Kitchen” Cooking Series

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