Sabbath School/Personal Ministries


Newsdesk this month is devoted to the five-year retrospectives from the specialized ministries through which Adventist members in the Pacific Union are nurturing discipleship and spiritual growth and reaching out to the communities of the Pacific Southwest.


For the past five years, Sabbath School/ Personal Ministries in the Pacific Union has been active in several important areas of research and ministry in order to enhance the mission of the local church.

Sabbath School/Personal Ministries is led by Pastor Jim Park, who has served in the position of coordinator for the last five years. Previously, he served as a seminary professor in Asia, and he also pastored in Los Angeles for 25 years. Currently, he teaches at Loma Linda University and does consulting work with the North American Division and General Conference.

Some of the projects and accomplishments for Sabbath School/ Personal Ministries include:

• The inclusion of multiple ministries within the Pacific Union as case studies in a new book published by the Global Mission Urban Center at the General Conference. The ministries studied include Glow, Youth Rush, Souls West, Thrive, the AMEN Dental Clinic, the Arizona Sonshine Health Ministry, and Manna Mesa.

• The creation of a pathway for students to obtain college credit for their study and work at Souls West. An Associate of Arts degree in Bible Work and Literature Ministry is also in the works in order to provide much needed help at the local church in order to fulfill its mission.

• Current field testing of the printed and online Discover Bible School lessons in English and Spanish from the Voice of Prophecy as an effective follow-up tool to be used by pastors and local churches. Church management software is also being evaluated as a key component of tracking local churches’ members and interests.

• Current work on a transformation of the Sabbath School from a teaching model to a more wholistic vision of Bible discussion and the nurture of mission-oriented small groups.

Let us work while it is day for “the night comes, when no man can work” (John 9:4).