Vice President’s 2021 Constituency Report


We are proud of our ministries.
The Pacific Union has a wide variety of volunteer ministries that work together and have done excellent work over the past five years. These include Adventist Laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI), Children’s Ministries, Family Life Ministry, Health Ministries, Jewish Ministries, Muslim Ministry, Native Ministries, Personal Ministries/Sabbath School Ministries, Prayer Ministry, Prison Ministry, Public Campus Ministry, Shepherdess, Women’s Ministries, and Youth Ministry/Pathfinder Ministry.

We are blessed by and proud of these ministries, which are directed by outstanding volunteer pastors and lay leaders. They love Jesus, and their lives are committed to Him. Through their particular ministries and leadership, they have pulled together people and churches across our union to engage and participate in diverse ministry activities.

Sharing the love of Jesus is the focus of every ministry.
Every ministry in our union has a passion for imparting the love of Jesus. Our volunteers have impacted many lives and have been the instrument used by God to bring souls to His loving arms. It has been my privilege to be present during some of the seminars the ministries hold in different churches. These volunteers have expressed to me the joy they receive from working with people and sharing God’s love. In so many ways, they give life to our session theme, “So Send I You,” because they do just that and help others to do the same.

All of our volunteer ministries seek to make the love of Jesus real and tangible and to make the Adventist message more relevant and attractive. The union theme of “Love. Serve. Lead.” shines through in all these activities.

Member engagement makes it work.
All ministries depend on the engagement of the more than 220,000 members, leaders, pastors, and teachers who are a part of the churches and schools throughout the Pacific Union Conference—urban, suburban, and rural; small and large churches and schools; from every ethnicity; young and old. I praise God for these volunteer directors, and I’m gratified by their work. They are devoted to sharing the love of Jesus, following His command “So Send I You.”

An invitation to a dedicated engagement in evangelism.
Since 2018, the PUC officers, conference presidents, and executive committee members have been brainstorming on approaches to evangelism endeavors. The president’s council and executive committee voted on September 18, 2019, to promote a week of any type of evangelistic meeting from March through June of 2021. Due to the unexpected pandemic, the dates were changed to September through December of 2021. It was also voted that this would be the year of evangelism for the PUC territory.

All would be involved and committed to do evangelism such as:
• Traditional evangelism
• Small groups
• Health evangelism
• Youth evangelism
• Evangelism
in the classroom
• Literature and Souls West
• 14 volunteer ministries would engage in evangelism
• TMI – Total Member Involvement materials

We started planning through our strategic evangelism committee and other committees. Our excitement grew over statements such as:
• “We need to open our minds and talk about multiplicity.”
• “We have to be inclusive of all people and all methods of reaching people for Jesus.”
• “The question needs to be asked: What does it mean to do evangelism in such a diverse group of churches and communities in this union?
• “We must communicate this idea within many different cultures.”
The starting point must be spiritual, and we must also make sure training is available to members. We look forward to attracting people to Jesus, reaping the harvest, and transitioning people into discipleship.

The theme chosen for the evangelistic meetings is CHRIST>crisis.

We voted a budget to be allocated to churches that would engage in any type of evangelism. The budget was divided according to the membership of the four major ethnic groups comprising the Pacific Union Conference territory.

COVID-19 has not stopped our evangelism plans for September through December 2021. Our goals are still the same:
• Baptisms—Add 10% of the total baptisms recorded during the 2009 union-wide evangelistic meetings
• 50% of churches and schools participating
• TMI—Total Member Involvement
• Church planting—One per conference
• Small groups throughout the PUC territory

We are still working from home and having meetings and seminars by Zoom or YouTube, but the work that God called us to do will continue. The mission is alive, and we will continue doing God’s work—where we are responsible to connect, and God is responsible to convert.

Let us all gather in the upper room as we pray to God and seek His Holy Spirit. I believe with all my heart that we will come down from that room filled and anointed with His Spirit and with strength and power to obey and to do His mission here in the Pacific Union. Our Lord Jesus was sent to this world to finish a mission, and now He has sent us to do the same: “So Send I You.”

He says in Matthew 28:19-20, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always” (NKJV).

This is the Great Commission: Go and make disciples. This is the meaning of being active in evangelism. God will bless and equip our efforts. I have faith and assurance that by the grace of God, faithful administrators, ministers, teachers, lay persons, men and women, elderly and young, Caucasians, Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians—all together we will bring many beautiful people to the cross and the feet of Jesus.

As we think of the work of the Good Shepherd during this session, let’s remember the words of Jesus in John 10:16: “I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd” (NIV).

My sincere thanks to all, and may God bless you as we continue getting ready for the coming of the Lord.