Communication and Community Engagement: The Story of God’s Providence and Leadership



The story of Adventism in the Pacific Southwest is one of God’s providence and leadership. It is the privilege of the Department of Communication and Community Engagement to share this story with our members and the communities we serve.

Perhaps the most visible aspect of the work of our department is publishing the Pacific Union Recorder. For the entire history of the Pacific Union (120 years), this journal has documented how God is leading and blessing the work of the Seventh-day Adventist church in the Pacific Southwest. The Recorder is sent via mail to the homes of our members, with a monthly circulation of roughly 70,000.

In addition to a rigorous and far-reaching rethinking of the magazine’s format and design over the last five years, a quarterly Spanish-language version of the Recorder was added in 2019. Further expanding this ministry, the “Recorder Plus” is an online aggregated version of the bi-monthly conference newsletters that is currently under development.

“All God’s People” is the weekly video program that is produced by our department. We are now in our fifth season and have produced more than 200 weekly episodes since our first episode in May 2017. A new program is released every Friday, accompanied by “The Bulletin,” which includes links to stories, events, and news from churches, schools, conferences, and institutions throughout the Pacific Union.

We added “Pacific Sunrise” to our media mix in 2018. The web-based newsletter provides a window into our schools, churches, and ministries and is focused on the myriad of inspiring stories that are happening every single day. Pacific Sunrise has been particularly useful in telling the story of Adventist Education here in the Pacific Union.

The web address for the Pacific Union Conference is It is an information hub for all of our ministries and a repository for archives and media. It is the primary environment online in which we share the stories and news of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Pacific Southwest.

Newsdesk is a cross-platform news service that can be found on our social media, on the website, and in the Recorder. It is our fastest growing media platform, bringing news and stories that impact the Pacific Union Conference and our members across all media platforms.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter continue to command a great deal of attention from both our members and the general public. During the last four years, we have worked diligently to create a social media presence that makes our media products immediately available on desktop and mobile devices.

In partnership with the Ministerial Association, it has been particularly rewarding to bring Oak & Acorn Publishing to life, focusing on books for our pastors, local church leaders, and members. The books that are published explore some of the most important topics of interest and concern to Adventists. There have been more than a dozen titles in English and Spanish published since Oak & Acorn was established in 2017.

The websites maintained by our churches and schools have greater potential to help connect ministries to members and communities. We are in the midst of a massive renewal of these sites—addressing who is using them, what is working, what our visitors are looking for, what our churches and schools want, what has the greatest appeal, and what can be done to maximize their effectiveness. PUC+ is a project to bring the media products produced by our seven conferences and our various ministries onto the nearly 1,000 websites that link our churches and schools to their various audiences.

We are privileged to work with the departments, conferences, churches, schools, and institutions that make up the Pacific Union. The communication and media management and development services and tools provided by our department include strategic communication, reputation management, crisis communication, guidelines for branding and identity, an editorial stylebook, public media strategies, social media strategies, communication and media training, mission and message guidelines, and special projects.

The opportunity to live out the gospel with a unique Adventist character has never been more relevant. The Department of Communication and Community Engagement is committed to creating media tools for engagement and evangelism that can be effectively used in telling the story of Jesus and fulfilling the gospel commission.
Ray Tetz is the director of Communication and Community Engagement for the Pacific Union Conference.

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