Literature Ministries: Opportunities for Ministry Experience


GLOW (Giving Light to Our World), Youth Rush, SOULS West, and missionary programs comprise the four primary ministry channels for literature ministries in the Pacific Union. Each has a slightly different focus and aims to meet specific needs.

GLOW started in the Pacific Union in 2007 and has produced 124 million items for sharing. Globally, these items have been printed in more than 70 languages, including Farsi, Mongolian, Tongan, and Swedish. “Million GLOW” mission trips allow Pacific Union members hands-on witnessing opportunities, and GLOW Impact Academy Edition weekends put young people to work distributing literature and interacting with people within local communities.

Youth Rush summer programs provide Adventist youth and young adults with opportunities for hands-on ministry experience though literature evangelism. Students learn how to approach people in a courteous, caring, authentic way, helping them make spiritual decisions. Over the past five years, more than 1,300 students visited nearly 5 million homes, delivered more than 800,000 digital and physical items worth more than $6.5 million, personally visited thousands of people interested in studying the Bible, left hundreds of thousands of Bible study interest cards, and earned more than $4 million, mostly to support their Adventist education. While primarily a personal contact ministry, Youth Rush continues to utilize technology to strengthen its outreach. A new, specially designed Youth Rush app, sponsored by the Pacific Union Conference and available to the NAD in 2022, will promote security and increase efficiency.

SOULS West is an evangelism training school that offers mentored field experience as well as classroom instruction. The program integrates literature evangelism, medical outreach, personal evangelism, public evangelism meetings, and local church involvement, promoting discipleship and retention in the cycle of evangelism. The school provides an opportunity for Pacific Union youth who desire to exercise their spiritual gifting in literature work and personal evangelism. The last five years have seen an average of 46 students enroll each year. Students have assisted 36 local churches in the Pacific Union during their practical application segments, and many have been trained to work for Youth Rush programs.

Some SOULS West graduates choose to put their training to use in a local church. Variously called Thrive, Full Circle, or CROSS Training, these programs provide trained, motivated young adults to local churches. During their term, the young people serve as Bible workers, work with evangelistic seminars, train members, and conduct health outreaches in cooperation with health professionals, boosting the evangelistic ministry of the Adventist Church’s most important unit—the local church. This work has resulted in hundreds of baptisms.
Bill Krick is the director of Literature Ministries for the Pacific Union Conference.